Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Red is for Passion

Red is such a passionate color. It is filled with fire and heat. It  makes a statement no matter where it is used, and as a color in a piece of jewelry, it demands attention. Lucky for us, there are a number of red gemstones that can add fire and passion to our designs. 

Red Diamonds - Yes, there are some really red diamonds! Of course, it is very rare and not something that you see in normal jewelry.
Red Diamond
Red Beryl - Usually found in Utah or New Mexico, this red stone is another rare piece of gem. In case you are interested, Beryl is the gemstone of the sign of Scorpio. 
Red Beryl

Ruby - Another gemstone, but much more commonly found is graded on the depth of its red color. It is the birthstone of Capricorn and December babies. It is also associated with those born in July. 


Carnelian - A favorite of those who like to work with chalcedony stones. Carnelian is a soft rock and is associated with August babies. 

Of course, red is also found in jasper, agates and other more common gems and stones. 

Here are some awesome reds for your viewing pleasure. 

Copper Brown Star Creamy Fans Doily

Alice in Wonderland Charm Bracelet 

Scotty Gift Set 


Red Flower Earrings

Shadow Dog Designs 

Red Dyed Shell Beaded Bracelet 


Red Flower Key Fob


Wild Cherry Earrings


Red Crystal Flower Earrings 14k Gold Filled Lever Backs With Gift Box

Red Cinnabar and Swarovski Red and Green Crystal .925 Dangle Earrings

1965 Vintage Ford Mustang Wall Hanging Art Handmade From Birch Wood


Hand Knit Picture Perfect Poinsettia and Candle Dishcloth or Washcloth

Vintage Raspberry Cluster of Glass Beads Clip On Earrings

Gnome Welcome Sign for Kids Birthday or Baby Shower Party

Red Cluster Earrings

Lipstick Red Handmade Lampwork Beads

Red Flower Window Crystal

Ruby Red Slipper Socks


Ruby Red Faceted Glass Hearts 14mm Set of 2

Statement Necklace


As you can see, there are  many ways to give something fiery red. 

Don't see what you are looking for? 
You will find more gift ideas from these designers and artists here:

Feel free to reach out and ask the artists and designers if they could make something just for you. 

Julie and Blu


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  13. Love all the reds. Thanks so much Julie and Blu for including my gnome door sign. Off to share.

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