Monday, May 2, 2011

Blue Morning Expressions May 2011 Newsletter BluPrint

Volume 8 Issue 5 May 2011

What's New in May?

Bead 2011 has selected some of my polymer clay beads for their annual edition. They selected a couple of my floral round beads and they can be seen on page 17—#19. The whole magazine is filled with gorgeous beads by talented beadmakers and worth getting.

New styles for you earring pairs fans. I modeled these after a lampwork lentil bead that I saw at a show. I used the lentil heart in my “Peas and Carrots” bracelet and I really like the way that it looked.

These little pairs make great little earrings for all occasions and they can be as simple as you like, or bedazzled with chains and Swarovski. I am working on a tutorial that I will post on my website. See the sample photos in this edition.

Packing to Move. After spending the last 25 years in Florida, we are off on a new adventure! At least for the summer and fall, that is. We are trading in the beautiful beaches of the east coast of Florida with their soul soothing musical waves, to settle in the majestic mountains of Montana. When I write the June newsletter, my view will no longer be a shuttle launch from my kitchen table, but the amazing heights of mountains with magical names like, Bridger and Gallatin ranges. I am looking forward to the new inspiration that the west will bring to me, my beads and my designs.

It will be business as usual with the exception of maybe a week of processing orders out of the back of my truck.


Polymer Clay Canes—with all the flowers that are blooming in my yard, garden and surroundings, I have created a number of new raw polymer clay canes. Flowers and butterflies are both represented. I also have a couple kaleidoscope canes that I am reducing down for beads.

These canes have made their way into and along with some regular canes, these custom color canes are located in the cane section. I reorganized the cane section and split it up by type and color. That makes it much easier for everyone to find what they are looking for.

As always, thank you for all your support and emails.

Until next month,

Julie & Blu