Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Polymer Clay Canes and Jewelry for 2012

Volume 9 Issue 1, January, 2012

What's New in January?

Winter Morning Canes and Beads—Since I finished the Winter inspired beads and canes, I used them to create six pieces of jewelry. I could not decide if I was going to sell the beads individually as focal beads, or if I was going to sell them in sets. The more that I held them in my hands, the more I realized that I wanted to create jewelry from them. So, I did just that. I created three necklaces and three matching bracelets, but decided to sell them separately.

Here are the beads, and here are the pieces of jewelry from these beads.



New Canes and Beads—You can find all the new beads and canes on my website or at Artfire under Blue Morning Expressions. Both places have a full selection of my most current canes and both places have them on sale at 35% off.

 Happy New Year! It is our wish that you and your family will be safe, happy, healthy and prosperous in the New Year.

 As always, thank you for all your support and emails.

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Julie & Blu




Things to Look Forward To:

New Products:

Earrings—These are all created from my bead sets, I used both floral rounds, heart swirl lentils, and full size 20mm pillow beads to create 30 new sets of earrings. Each set is under $4—I wanted to create an affordable set of earrings for gifts that can be easily purchased in groups. They can be converted to pierced look earrings if you like.