Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quick Like an Easter Bunny!!

That is how fast my bunny earrings go every year.

For the past seven years, I have been creating a little polymer clay Easter bunny earring and they seem to multiply all over my work bench a month prior to Easter. This little bunny has been incredibly popular at craft fairs and when I sold on eBay, I could not keep these in stock.

Since then, I regularly ship out a couple dozen bunnies each year. They are available both in pierced look clipons or as a kidney wire regular earring. After I made them available for the first time, I had a request for them to be created as buttons for scrapbooking.

Someone saw the buttons and requested larger ones to be used in a nursery.

I am very fond of these little rabbits and even though they sell throughout the year, I always look forward to Easter when I can once again put rabbits all over my workbench.

They are ready for purchase!

Here are the photos of the bunnies decorating a little girl’s nursery. The baby and mom were cute too!


909561834305_0_BG 124671834305_0_BG


If you need buttons, there are buttons available as well.

Enjoy the bunnies!

Julie and Blu

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