Monday, March 5, 2012

The Perspective of Green

The color green is said to be the perception of a wavelength along the 520-570 nanometers of the spectrum. The word green is derived from the verb growan in Old English, which means “to grow” and is related to the plant world.

Said like that, green does not evoke images of brilliant leafy trees or the lush green of a tropical rain forest. However, in the hands of the talented polymer clay artists of the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild on Artfire, green takes on a whole new hue.

Green can be muted and almost an afterthought like the beautifully created leaves supporting these pale pink polymer clay roses by Creating Cottage.


Or green can show up in so many of the selections in Tina Holden’s studio. Her playful spirit uses a lot of green in her designs and each green is a bit different, but all of them are bright. Here are two of her more “in your face” greens that are guaranteed to drop a jaw.


Not quite green, not quite blue, teal is a color that brings forth thoughts of the ocean, shallow where the swimmers dip their feet in, or the southwestern turquoise that defined a culture. TTE Designs has morphed teal with the complimentary pink to swirl these pretty beads.

Positively Charming Things has touched upon the heart of green with these thoughtfully designed imitation Jade birds, which flit about their complimentary hot pink and orange button flowers.

When green is displayed as these talented polymer clay artists have presented it, green is an invigorating color and it is no wonder that it has been chosen to represent spring, growth and yes, even money.

Enjoy these green things!

Julie and Blu