Thursday, February 28, 2013

Warmer Days and Bright Flowers

Volume 10 Issue 3, March 2013
What's New in March?
The palette of grey and white has given way to the use of more colors in my bead and flower creations. While I thoroughly enjoy the winter colors, I am somehow drawn to bright pinks, purples and blues these days. They are showing up in much of my newly beaded jewelry. The days are longer and the sun is shining brighter on the sparkling snow. These days are still cold, but the air is starting to get a spring feel to it.
We had one day that was warm enough to get out and do a little hiking in some of the surrounding rocks. This was taken at a state park in the area of Butte, MT. This area is full of large rocks such as you see here. There was a lot of snow still on the ground and it was certainly a crisp day, but even at 6,000 feet, the air had the hint of spring in it. This is Pipestone State Park and I will write an article about this when we can get to the top to ring the rocks!
In time for spring, these little flower beads are perfect for showing off the fresh new colors of the season.
As you can see, I went all out with the colors and have enjoyed having these colors on my work bench. This bracelet, along with 14 others are all in the Simply Montana shop in the Gallatin Valley Mall at the moment. I have created dozens of other beads similar to use for online.
Between a box of brightly colored beads and strands of beaded necklaces, my work bench is in full bloom!
Canes: Bright colored flowers and some crazy geometric shapes are showing up in my flower canes these days. I am loving the swirls, squiggles and wild color combinations!
Necklaces: The bright colors of the beads used to create earrings and bracelets for Simply Montana were the inspiration for the newest colors and creations used in necklaces for online.
My website has been the focus of my attention and it is newly updated with all my latest beads and canes. Newsletter readers can take 30 percent off by using coupon code TY30
I have them in my Artfire studio, my Etsy shop and my
Until next month,
Julie & Blu
Things to Look Forward To:
New Products:
New Beads—Euro Style handmade polymer clay large hole beads to fit the popular cable bracelets.
New Bracelets— Because I have set up shop in the Gallatin Valley Mall
in the Simply Montana shop, I have been creating beads and all the goodies
that went with that for a solid month. I needed to stock the shelves, so I
added 14 bracelets, 14 sets of beads, 14 flower earrings and tons of my
novelty earrings. Lots of bright spring colors in my studio theses days!