Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lightning Strikes Twice

I like The Big Bang Theory. I find the whole premise of the show entertaining and other than Wolowitz, I adore the characters. I remember Darlene and David from Rosanne and liked them then, so it is extra enjoyable to see them all grown up, still nerds.

I was watching Johnny Galecki (Leonard/David) on David Letterman one night, and Letterman brought up an incident in Galecki’s past where he was hit by lightning. Although Galecki did not really want to talk about it; I am certain it hurt like heck, he did discuss being hit by lightning while climbing around on Glacier Peak in Yosemite National Park.

Here is a link to a meteorologist's point of view on the lightning strike.

Galecki tells the story here. This video may end up being pulled, but it was on the Letterman Show.


Glacier Point is across the valley from Half Dome in Yosemite National Park.

The first time we were in Yosemite we did not get to Glacier Point. We were too busy running around like wood nymphs yelling “BIG TREES, BIG TREES” in Mariposa Grove. (Remember, we are Floridiots and the land is flat there) This time, in addition to the big trees, we were planning on spending more time hiking around Yosemite. We did a few waterfall hikes, we hiked to some groves, did Tioga Pass and Tuolumne Meadows. Additionally, I wanted to see where Johnny was smacked on the head by lightning.

The view from Glacier Point looks down over the Yosemite Valley where the campground is. We could see all the falls, Half Dome and a variety of outcroppings. The falls were barren when we were there this time. We were there in September. However, the view from the top of the peak was magnificent. There is a trail that comes up from Curry campground that allows you to hike to the top, or you can get in the truck and drive up. Either way, the view is awe inspiring and it is just a place to take a deep long breath and relax.


This is the view of Half Dome with my 200x lens.

You can barely see the falls from here, since they were very low on water. One is on the middle right and one is in the lower left.DSC_0128

Glacier Point is one of those places that you can head off to as a day trip and take a picnic. There are little places to sit and enjoy the view, the weather and the meal. The people are coming and going most of the time, but it does not get too crowded. If you are a hiker and do not mind a 3,200 foot gain, the trail is only a few miles long from the valley to the top of the peak. You can catch a bus back to the valley when you are done.

You may have to shoo away some children and some of these guys. He found some melted chocolate.



Glacier Point should be avoided any time there is the slightest inclement weather. As Galecki can tell you, it strikes hard. The point consists of granite, quartz and quartzite. If you are unaware, granite attracts lightning like a magnet. People die trying to climb El Capitan or Half Dome during stormy weather. However, if you plan your trip when the weather is cool and crisp like the fall, the hiking is easy and the chance of getting swept away in an overflowing waterfall is slim. The spring is another story altogether, and that is a story for another time!

Enjoy my travels to Yosemite and put it on your To Do list.

Julie and Blu