Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Orange You Glad It’s Over?

At the end of all great events, there are usually fireworks in reds, oranges, greens and blues. Bright flames of fire shoot into the sky and explode the night with bright lights. Orange is an exciting color. It is not as hot as red and not as cool as yellow. It is in between and dances in the moonlight on a harvest night.

It is the color of extroverts and the unconventional.

It means danger or hot. It brings about the feeling of nostalgia in the autumn and amusement at the sight of a carved pumpkin.

The word orange was first introduced as a color in the 1500s. Until then, it was referred as yellow-red.
Again, those crazy ancients were the first to use orange on their walls. They used a pigment derived from realgar, which is a arsenic sulfide mineral known as ruby sulfur. It comes from volcanic activity and sulfur mines. It can also be found in Yellowstone National Park, which means I have a photo of it somewhere. It provides arsenic to the world. Those who know about Yellowstone will know that arsenic is responsible for the death of many bison and elk that graze on the land year round.

Orange is the color of the early Protestant thanks to the involvement of the House of Orange in the French Wars of Religion. Irish Protestants were known as Orangemen. The New York flag has an orange stripe to honor the Dutch who settled New York.

The goddess of fruitfulness was clothed in orange. Monet used orange as an introduction into the Impressionist movement when he painted Impression Sunrise. The color orange next to azure was a bright and popular combination in many impression paintings. Toulouse Lautrec used orange as an expression of happiness and amusement. Van Gogh was the orange master. He applied orange to many of his paintings to imply drama, which is evident in Starry, Starry Night.

Orange is highly visible making it great for road cones, life preservers and clown wigs. Blue simply adores orange and is at home next to it.

Orange is found in tigers, poppies and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Orange is the color of transformation in Confucianism. It is illumination in Buddhism. It is worn by holy ones in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Orange is warm and happy. It is cheerful and light-hearted. It is mentally strengthening and helps to maintain balance after an emotional upheaval.

It is optimistic and energetic. It is spontaneous and positive.

Enthusiastic and ready for adventure, orange is a powerful color to use when you want to draw attention to something or someone. Extroverted and uninhibited, orange yells for everyone to jump into the pool no matter what you are wearing. It also stimulates conversation and social interaction. It even stimulates the appetite and is not a good color for dieters to have their kitchen walls painted. It does give the wearer the freedom to be themselves.

Anyone who is feeling stuck in a rut would do well to add something orange to their atmosphere as it is a transforming color that will stimulate the person to activity and creativity. This power color is dynamic no matter how it is displayed and these talented designers knew just what to do with the color orange in their designs.


Colorful Crystal Cluster Skull Earrings Coral Day of the Dead Handmade


Orange Carnelian,Orange Rainbow Agate,Botswana Agate Gemstone Earrings


"Koi Pond" Mixed Agate and Carnelian Gemstone Necklace 18.5"


Pop can earrings - recycled aluminum can orange


Bracelet and Earrings of Carnelian Handmade Beads Large Central Gem


Orange Mix Crackled Tree of Life Necklace Silver and Copper Silk Cord


Small Red and Yellow Coreopsis Silk Floral Arrangement


Magnesite, Coral and Silver Foil Wire Wrapped Cuff Bracelet


Mardi Gras Mirror in Unique Orange, Red, and Purple Dots and Holes. Polymer Clay Art Wall Hanging.


Rainbow Stripe Dichroic Glass Pendant Necklace, Fused Glass Jewelry


Orange Flower Earrings with Blue Flowers and Swarovski Crystals Poly

Colorful Lace Scrabble Style Pendant


Handmade Large Orange Rose Cocktail Ring - Upcycled - Tangarine - Pumpkin


Rainbow Skull Candy Confetti 50" Long Howlite Turquoise Necklace


Tangerine Tango Magnesite and Wood Bead Boho Wrapped Bracelet


Orange Rose on vintage bas relief Birthday Postcard flocked Rose

Gottschalk Dreyfuss & Davis Seattle RPO cancel 1913


Variegated Candy Colored Butterfly Stitch Cloth


Bone Sun Pendant Jade Handmade Necklace Swarovski OOAK Beaded Jewelry

Dark Teal Lampwork Beads Apricot Dots Glossy Transparent Beads


Burnt Orange Hand knit Infinity Scarf


Vulcan's Forge Red and Silver Dichroic Fused Glass Handcrafted Pendant


Bright bold multicolored necklace Kazuri Africa clay seed bead


Strawberry Quartz Carnelian Nugget Necklace with Star Burst Pendant


Agate Drusy Bead Embroidered Gemstone Crystal Necklace Copper Black

With all these oranges to choose from, there should be NO ONE in your life who is having a bad day. It is not too late to shop for mom. While the gift may not arrive on time for Mother’s Day, you can always show her a photo of the gift that is intended for her. I will bet that if you ask any of these artists, they may be happy to help you with gift shipping. If you want to see more from these great artists, come see their studios by heading over to Mother’s Day Countdown Week 12.

Mom said to buy her something from these great designers who know how to use the color orange!

Now, orange you glad we made it through 12 weeks?

Julie and Blu
Yellowstone arsenic if anyone is interested from my personal photo album taken at Mammoth Springs
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  1. Very sad it is over, this mother's day countdown not only gave great ideas, but also lots of good exposure. Thank you so much for hosting it for that long. Hope u do it next year too.

  2. I love the theme of this post, so awesome. Great colors and combos with orange. Thank you for including my infinity scarf. I will promote as always.

  3. It has been fun to see all the great gift ideas these 12 weeks. Thank you, Julie!

  4. Another terrific write-up featuring colors, Julie. Orange is a wonderful color, it brightens my day! :) Thanks so much for showing my Africa Kazuri bead necklace with all these other gorgeous items. Will share! - Connie -

  5. Can't believe the 12 weeks is over! Once again, thank you, Julie and Blu, not only for hosting the Countdown but for also doing a weekly color post. Funny thing, I used to not like orange but, over the course of many years, it's now in the top 5 of my fav colors. Thank you for including my sun pendant necklace with the orangey jade beads! Sharing with the world!

  6. Wow, do we all disappear in a big bang! ;) It has been a fantastic voyage, Julie. Thanks! Now off to promo this blog and the contents.

  7. Wow what a great round-up! Everyone's items are so beautiful they would make any lady feel special! Mom or not. Thank You Julie for including me in your wrap up! HAPPY MOTHER's DAY LADIES!

  8. I am not happy that it's over :( but I am thrilled that I was a part of all 12 weeks, to be able to see all of these gorgeous creations by all of these extremely talented artisans has been such a treat! I love looking at all of these orange creations, they are all so yummy looking!!

    Thanks again Julie and Blu for the opportunity to share and be seen.

    Kathy :)

  9. Thank you for all of these blogs. I love them! I have learned so much about each color. And, of course, I have enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful work everyone does. Off to share!

  10. It's been fun being part of this count down I enjoyed this learning experience. Thank you for including me in this last blog. Until the next count down !! Hope you all had a chance to visit my shop. Thank You :)

  11. Thank you for hosting this 12 week Mother's Day countdown, it has been a lot of fun seeing everyone's handmade crafts. Thank you for adding my strawberry quartz necklace to this Orange posting. Off to share.

  12. Thank you so much for all your hard work this past 12 weeks for us. I am so sad it is over and can not wait for the next one. I love the color orange and your post is so wonderful. I learned things I did not know about this wonderful color. Such wonderful items featured as well. Thank you so much for including my Tree of Life Necklace. :)

  13. Love this article and your choices - orange rocks! :) Thanks so much for including my earrings here, and especially for all your hard work on promotions for the past 12 weeks. Very best wishes to beautiful Blu and you from the Gonze and me. :)

  14. Julie this is such an awesome and colorful display. I love the article...I never knew about the arsenic! Thank you so much for all that you do and have done...these countdowns are just too much fun.
    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  15. Sooooo sad this has come to an end. There were so many beautiful items from such talented artists and I hope every Mom is getting just what she wants for Mother's Day. AND - I learned so much about colors. Thank you again for your work in promoting us and for including my rainbow pendant. Will definitely share this.