Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blue Morning Expressions Presents Gift to The Joyful Child Foundation


Blue Morning Expressions Provides Handmade Earrings for The Joyful Child Foundation Charity Auction

The Joyful Child Foundation auction on October 26, 2013 will include a pair of handcrafted earrings from Julie L. Cleveland of Blue Morning Expressions. This auction will help to provide 10 years’ worth of funding to continue the foundation’s work with educating and empowering families to stop and prevent child abuse and abduction.

Bozeman, Montana, September 12, 2013

Blue Morning Expressions is honored to be a part of the October 26, 2013 silent auction held by The Joyful Child Foundation in an effort to raise funds for the next 10 years of education for families and children on the prevention of crimes against children.

The foundation is the creation of Erin Runnion in memory of her daughter, Samantha who was a victim of abduction and murder. The foundation’s goal is to educate families and their children on safety to prevent other children from becoming victims of these types of crimes.

The foundation is a non-profit organization that delivers resources and connections to provide proactive solutions in a positive and community driven way. The community then becomes an extended family for all the children in order to protect every child in every family from these crimes.

The foundation also helps to create Child Watch programs, child safety fairs and broadcastsAmber alerts through social media.

The handcrafted earrings from Blue Morning Expressions will go towards the funding for any of the projects that The Joyful Child Foundation is involved in.

About Blue Morning Expressions

Blue Morning Expressions is owned by Julie L. Cleveland, and it is located in Micco, Florida. Julie is currently in Bozeman, Montana for an extended vacation where she runs her business through the Internet. She handcrafts beads and jewelry from polymer clay and has an online shop. She also has her handmade jewelry at Simply Montana LLC in the Gallatin Valley Mall in Bozeman, Montana. She was afforded the opportunity to contribute in The Joyful Child Foundation through her participation in The Artisan Group ®.  She has recently had her bracelets given out to the celebrities during the New York Fashion Week on September 6, 2013, and some of her earrings will be gifted to members of the press at the upcoming Primetime Emmys. These gifting opportunities are through GBK’s Gifting Suites in conjunction with The Artisan Group.

About The Artisan Group

The Artisan Group ® is an elite promotions group that represents talented small business artisans. Many of the group’s activities surround celebrity and press gifting at prestigious events, but they also provide opportunity for their artists to become involved in events like The Joyful Child Foundation. In addition, the group is called upon by stylists from television and movies to provide handcrafted pieces for shows and movies. The group has had numerous pieces that have been used in The Vampire Diaries series.

“It was an honor to have a chance to design a pair of earrings for this silent auction,” Julie L. Cleveland said.

To learn more about Blue Morning Expressions and all of Julie’s latest creations, visit the website, connect with her Facebook page or follow her blog at

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