Thursday, August 13, 2015

I’ve Lost My Marbles


Sometimes, I actually get time to play in my little “studio” (that’s just another name for my card table set up with all my polymer tools and art supplies) in order to try out new techniques and have fun. My last experiment was with inks and crackle, which later became my “Yellowstone Series” of beads. These beads can be seen in the latest issue of Ritzy Too ezine and on my website under lentil beads. I had more ideas, but while I was waiting on those beads to cure and dry, I started some other experiments.

I have long been fascinated by the patterns and swirls in a good piece of marble.

Guess what these will be:



I know that it is hard to tell from this photo where I am going with these, but after a few hours of really manipulating some polymer mixtures, I managed to smash together some beads and bake them.  Those beads then got a good coating of acrylic before sanding. The sanding was long and tedious, and I managed to wear down a couple of fingernails in the process. However, it was well worth it when I got the finished results. The new focal beads are not uniform, and they may come in twos and threes, but they are not matched. It was too hard to measure and form due to the stiffness of the polymer mixture, but I tried to get close.

Here are some of the results:

If you are a jewelry designer looking for a some unique beads, these may fit the bill. They are all hand-sanded through several grits and polished by hand. You get all of the look of refined and polished marble without the weight of the stones.

I am very happy with the results, but it’s going to be awhile before I make faux marble again, so get them while you can.


Julie and Blu


  1. All your effort really paid off, these new beads look marvelous. They look just like marble, and like you said they come without the weight. A pair of earrings would be totally doable.

  2. Those are fabulous, Julie - well worth wearing down a few fingernails (they'll grow back - LOL!). Love the look of these. The third one really draws me. Will share your post with the world.

  3. Thos are so cool, Julie and beautiful Blu! Wow! I'm drawn to the third one too, but they all look great!

  4. Wow! They really do look like marble. Great job. Sharing.

  5. These are so unique and special, Julie! Well done! I look forward to seeing what you continue to create!

  6. I love the look of your new beads. Would love to see what other colors you create. Sharing....

  7. I love the organic shapes and the marble effects! Thanks for sharing your "studio" time with us! Sharing.

  8. Amazing work - my acrylic nails wouldn't last a minute doing what you do!! Fabulous end result and I'm sure whoever buys them will make some beautiful jewelry.
    Lisa :)