Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Dance Through the Streets

Heavily commercialized and monetized, this song has been slowly creeping its way into our holiday song list, and though it is not a true carol, as in your church group is probably not going to sing it to the neighborhood, it is now considered a Christmas standard.

It made its debut in 1994, and the singer-songwriter has been the most successful with it; although, it has been covered by others.

It contains a ton of heavy backup singers and synthesizers, and it is filled with bells that made it a perfect song for my Zumba class to include in the neighborhood Christmas parade. After the parade route and six or seven performances, we were quite sick of it. The public loved it and all knew the words!

No matter which performance you have seen Mariah Carey do, all are  entertaining renditions of the song, and its popularity is only growing with each passing year. It has global s ales of 16 million plus copies and charts around the world.

It is funny to think that it took her and her then husband less than 15 minutes to create this piece.

Here is All I Want for Christmas is You; try not to think about a bunch of old ladies dancing through the streets doing this as a Zumba routine. Ha, made you think of it! At least only one was wearing antlers.

Now that your toes are tapping, let’s get to sharing these dance-worthy gifts!

Whitetail Deer

Kevs Krafts 

Gold Threader Chain Earrings

SolanaKai Designs

Romantic Couple Doily

RSS Designs in Fiber 

Marriage Blessing Pearl Rosary Bracelet

Pretty Gonzo 

Knitted White Snowdrop Scarf

Crafting Memories 1 

White Pearl With Silver Necklace Earrings Set Double Two Strands

The Singing Beader

White Carousel Horse Leggings

Blue Morning Expressions 

Tallit Clip Prayer Shawl Clip White and Blue with Star of David 6"


Mother of Pearl Handmade Jewelry

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Handmade Postcards, Set of 12 with Dog Howling At the Moon

Postcards in the Attic 

Crocheted Baby Booties Newborn Boy Blue Ribbon

Magdalene Knits 

Shiny Opaque White Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads Glossy Beads

Covergirl Beads 

Child's Adjustable Holiday Apron

Simple Embroidery Sew 

Christmas White, Red and Green Earrings

Shadow Dog Designs 

Carved Rose Shell Pendant and Mother of Pearl 19 inch Necklace


Petrified White Palm Wood Oval Pendant Gold Freshwater Pearl Necklace Artisan Jewelry

Diane’s Dangles 

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