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Mother's Day Around the World - Serbia

Serbia is another country that uses three full days to give Mom her due. Serbia is a lot different than any of the other countries that we are going to visit because their Mother’s Day is steeped in a combination of Catholic tradition and Mother Serbia.

Mother Serbia is the national personification of Serbia and presides over all of the Serbs. She is revered in patriotic songs and literature. She gave up her sons in war, her flag, her blood, but still carried on. Mother Serbia and her son pictured below.

When the tradition of the Serbs melded with the Church, the pragmatic Serbs decided that one holiday was enough, and added Mother’s Day to the Christian Christmas calendar. They enthusiastically adopted the tradition of gift giving while adding Mom to the festivities.

In addition to Mom, Serbs gladly honor children and men in their traditional feasts. Each gets a Sunday to be honored since the Serbs put family over anything else, including Christmas.

Here is where we go wildly off track! Although, in some homes, this might be an interesting custom to integrate into the celebration.

It takes a lot of rope to celebrate Mother’s Day in Serbia.

As each family member is honored, they are bound with rope. I don’t know … I’m just sayin’.

When the Children are bound, they must make a promise to behave. When the Father’s are bound, they must give Christmas gifts to their family members.

When they tie Mom up, they do not untie her until she gives all those yammering kids who promised to behave treats and gifts. It might have given rise to the saying, mom is at the end of her rope. Ponder.

The children get the first Sunday, the moms get the second Sunday, and dads go last.

THEN they can feast!

I tried to get  pictures of  a traditional Mother’s Day celebration in  Serbia, but never enter the words mother tied up into a search engine.

The pink peony is the flower of Serbia.

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