Thursday, October 31, 2019

Autumn and Inspirational Keychains

Volume 16 Issue 11, November 2019

What's New in November?

Blue Morning Expressions is half way through the traditional Countdown to Christmas 2019 where we share handmade gift ideas from an array of artists and craftspeople. We work hard to feature and share all types of gifts for family and friends. From handknit items, to home d├ęcor, to baby clothes to jewelry, all of our items are made by hand by talented artists and craftspeople.

In addition to our countdowns, we have been getting ready to head into winter as best we can do down here in Florida. That usually means a lessening of the hurricane possibilities and the improving cooler temperatures and lower humidity. It is a time to look forward to as we fall back on our clocks.
We are taking a bit of a break in creativity in order to keep up with the upcoming seasonal influx of orders, so much of what I will showcase have been in our store for a month or so.

Harry has been growing in leaps and bounds, mostly leaps, and he helped himself to a pumpkin pie the other night, so he is still a puppy at heart; however, he eats less coasters and mail as he gets older. His palate is more sophisticated now; he prefers pie!

What’s New

Key rings: I am on a one word pendant beading kick with lots of beads wrapped and new pendants made.

Thimbles: It’s Christmas in Florida this month, and my collectible holiday thimble stash is now nine designs richer.

Greeting cards: I am working diligently to get my one word charms translated into greeting cards and cross stitch patterns in the works.

You will find all of my beads, canes and finished jewelry on my website.
Until next month,

Tranquility Pink Women's Purse Charm Keychain Beaded Keyring

Inspirational Brave Women's Purse Charm Keychain Beaded Keyring

Blessed Women's Purse Charm Keychain Beaded Keyring

Things to Look Forward To:

New Products:

Leggings: My supplier has added a great legging line, so I have been experimenting with design and element placement. I have several in my store now and am working on peacock leggings designs.

Posters: I am working on my one word posters and wall hangings. There are also wood blocks to be added.

Bookmarks: I decided that some of my beads and images would translate nicely to bookmarks. Those are on the bench.

Calm Women's Purse Charm Keychain Beaded Keyring

Warrior Women's Purse Charm Keychain Beaded Keyring

Fierce Woman - Greeting Card

Brave - Greeting Card

Anniversary - Greeting Card