Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Christmas Traditions – Christmas Wreaths

We can trace the wreath back to the Romans when they would hang a wreath on their doors to show a sign of their status or a victory in battle.

Wealthy Roman women wore them as headdresses at weddings and other special occasions.

Everyone is familiar with the laurel wreath as adornment for Emperors and presented to winners in the Olympics.

Wreath comes from the word writhen and describes the twisting and turning of evergreen boughs that make up a wreath.

The origin of today’s wreaths could have started with the English custom of kissing boughs, which were common before people began to put up Christmas trees.

Kissing boughs were made up of five wooden hoops twisted with greens like evergreen, holly, ivy or rosemary. In the center of the hoops were red apples and the bottom hoop had a candle and a mistletoe ball that hung down.

Like the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe, these gift ideas will get you lots of kisses from your gift recipients.

Poinsettia Coasters Set of 2

RSS Designs in Fiber 

Snowman Charm Bracelet, Handmade Czech Red Cranberry Christmas Jewelry

Victorian Style Treasures

Hand Knit Shawl

Crafting Memories 

Fingerless gloves crochet

Andrea Designs 

Holly Earrings Heart Charms

Pretty Gonzo 

Vintage Holly Leaves and Berries Throw Pillow

Colleen Cornelius 

Crocheted Newborn Christmas Maryjanes Headband Antique White Red Silk Rose

Magdalene Knits 

XLarge Buckeye Burl Wooden and Resin Dangle Oval Earrings


Red Green Christmas Earrings, Swarovski Ornament Jewelry Gift Holidays

Shadow Dog Designs 

Christmas Wine Charms


Red Green and Gold Holiday Beadwoven Superduo Cuff Handmade Bracelet

Kats All That 

Friends Fishing Trip Christmas Ornament Handmade From Birch Plywood

Kev’s Krafts 

Lamp Work Bead Santa Earrings

The Singing Beader 

Handmade Large Hole Lampwork Beads, Christmas Holiday Bead Set, Red Green White

Covergirl Beads 

Santa Christmas Key Chain, Holiday Key Ring

Blue Morning Expressions 

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