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Mother’s Day Around the World–UK

Mothering Day takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent, and therefore, changes every year with the calendar.

Mothering Day tradition may be oldest around the world with an approximate start in the 1600s. It was the Early Modern period in Europe and the Baroque Period.

As was custom at the time, children were sent off to work for the rich as either domestic servants or apprentices. The children usually were not given time off during the year, but during Lent, they were granted time to go and worship the Virgin Mary at their Mother Church and see their own Mum.

Children arrived home with fresh picked flowers for Mum and they would make cakes called Mothering Cakes.

At one point, this Sunday was called Refreshment Sunday as the rules of fasting were set aside for a day in honor of the Bible story about feeding the five thousand.

Lent robes were changed from purple to rose for this day, which is partly why the rose is associated with Mother’s Day to date. Eventually, it came around to its Mothering Day name and lost the Refreshment Sunday name.

There was an interruption of Mother’s Day during the Industrial Revolution, but it was revived after World War II.

Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom has long since lost its original meaning of Lent refreshments, but it does still follow the tradition by using the Liturgical calendar and there are a lot of rich almond cakes (Mothering Cakes) baked for Mum.

Another treat is a tray of Mothering Sunday Buns, which are buns with raisins and icing, and in Northern England, they make a pancake of steeped peas fried in butter called carling.

The rose is the official flower of the United Kingdom, which also fits with the rose being the flower of Mother’s Day.

No matter what day Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world, every mother knows that her family appreciates her and the things she does for them by the way they all focus the day on her. As part of that focus, we would like to help you make mom’s day special by shopping from all of our handmade items that are sure to make her day a bit brighter.

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Celebrate Mother’s Day Around the World

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  1. Not sure about the steeped pea pancakes, but other than that, all the Mother's Day food sounds rather tasty! Another fascinating article, Julie. Always looked forward to reading about Mother's Day in other countries. And thanks for including my necklace in with the other beauties. The Desert Moose Dog sends treats to He Who Finished Basic Agility Course! Again, thanks for all you do!

  2. Enjoyed reading about Mother's Day in the UK. So many pretty pink colored gifts for Mother's Day! Thank you for including my earrings. Sharing...

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post about the UK Mother's Day traditions! I'm with Catherine though - I don't know about those pea pancakes. LOL

  4. Another great reading about Mother's Day celebration. Thank you Julie for all that you do. Thanks for including my charm bracelet.
    I can't believe Mother's Day is almost here Happy Mother's Day to everyone.