Thursday, December 31, 2020

Spoonbills and New Years’ Wishes

Volume 18 Issue 1, January 2021

What's New in January?

This is our 18th year. It was started around my original artwork and greeting cards, as well as my fractal art. Then I discovered polymer clay (back in the old days), and I haven’t really looked back from there. Fast forward, even though I work primarily in polymer clay, my art has been incorporated into other products and patterns.

2020 was a wild ride, to say the least, for us, our friends and family, and of course, to all of you. I hope that you had a holiday season that while not normal, at least was filled with friends and family as best you could.

I hope that 2021 brings us all health and may we return to normal as quickly as we can.

I took a break after a very hectic holiday season to wander around at the Canaveral National Seashore. I was looking for the holy grail of my bird photos: the Spoonbill.


What’s New

Pushpins: Coming up—Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day and Friendship pushpins.

Beads: New sets of handmade beads are now in stock. Many styles to choose from like pillow, earring pairs and cabs.

Inspirational Keyrings: From fierce women to Bible verses, new keyrings are made to give you inspiration anytime you look at them.

My books are now in paperback!

You will find all of my beads, canes and finished jewelry on my website.

Until next month,


Things to Look Forward To:

New Products:

Cuff Bracelets: Bible verse cuff bracelets, Valentines’ Day and Mother’s Day themes are all on the board.

Charm Necklaces: Simple chain necklaces with bible verses, charms and even a 4-leaf clover are in the works.

Prints and Posters: Bible verse posters and other art featuring hot rods and more are in production.

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