Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Orange You Glad It’s Getting Warmer?


Bright, cheerful and powerful. That’s what you see when you look at something orange. It is a brilliant hot color that makes everything around it glow with warmth. It moves and flows like hot lava. It is spontaneous and playful. When you want something that stands out, then select something orange.


This stone is a cousin to the peridot and can only be found in the countries of Serbia and Tajikistan. It is either transparent or translucent and yellow orange in color.


Orange Garnet

The garnet is more than a red stone; it can be found in some lovely oranges. It’s proper name is the Malaya  garnet. The more traditional red garnet is the birthstone of January and the sign of Aquarius.

Orange Spessartine Garnet

Orange Opal

This gemstone is commonly known as the fire opal or jelly opal if the coloring is not so bright. October babies and Libra babies consider the opal their birthstone. The orange opal is not a common gemstone, so it is rather pricey.

Fire Opals


The pretty citrine is extremely rare. It is a variety of quartz and is really a yellow or brown color. There are a lot of so called citrine stones on the marketplace that are really heat treated quartz rather than true citrine. November’s child adores citrine.

Citrine against Amethyst

Other beautiful oranges that we see in today’s jewelry include amber, carnelian, peach moonstone sardonyx and agates. These oranges make the pieces warm and exciting.

Here are some brilliant and energetic oranges that are ready for you to enjoy. Buy them all today.

Brittle Bush 4 At Coachella Wildlife Preserve Art Print

Photography & Digital By Colleen Cornelius

Tangerine Crystal Beaded Bracelet with Gold Love Link

Victorian Style Treasures 

Swarovski Sunflower Antique Brass Hypoallergenic Chandelier Earrings

Kats All That 

Autumn Necklace Topaz Swarovski Crystal Necklace 14K Chain

Magdalene Jewels 

Knit handmade cotton shawl

Andrea Designs 

Indian Red Swarovski Crystal Necklace

The Singing Beader 

Red Orange Yellow Fan Chandelier Earrings, Boho Handmade Jewelry Gift

Shadow Dog Designs 

Christian Jewelry - Cross Gemstone Necklace


Orange You Glad Lampwork Pendant Necklace Galaxy Globe Sphere 20016

Covergirl Beads 


Beautiful, Monkey Puzzle Exotic Wood Oval Dangle Earrings



Blue Yellow Orange Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings for Women Dangles

Blue Morning Expressions 

Orange you glad  you stopped by and got re-energized!?

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