Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 2009 Newsletter

Volume 6 Issue 3 March 2009

What's New in March?

I am happy to announce that my cross stitch pattern site is just around the corner. I will be opening that up within the month. The address for that is and it currently has 300 patterns that I am putting the finishing touches on for launch. Earmark it as it won't be much longer before it is up and running. It will be strictly a digital download site.
NOTE:Launched on March, 01, 2009

And keeping with the DIY crowd, my kits are still in the standby mode as I try and get the patterns together. I want to create some specific beads for those kits and I have been so busy building sites and creating the patterns that I have had little time for other things. So, if you are waiting to see the new bead kits, it will be just a bit longer and then I will have them ready to go. They will be showcased on my bonanzle site for beads. - take a look at what I have in there now, I have my canes and my loose beads there. I also have my loom work patterns and my raw canes. I also have freebies on that site!

I give away a set of beads with every purchase there.

I have dozens of tube bead sets there as well as little Natasha's.

I have 5 large kaleidoscope canes up for auction at ebay. I still am doing business there for my unique items like the canes. I have many other sites and places where I have spread out.

You can always, always find me at that is the hub site for all the goodies. I keep my fractal art clothing line there and my buttons and my magnets and my art prints and all the other things that I am playing with.

Since I have been working on my bead tapestries and such, I have rather neglected the cane side of my obessions. I will get back to them and to the other pillow beads that I want to create as soon as I can move a couple of special order products out of the way.

I will be putting together the lanyard and eyechain kits within the next few weeks. I need to move the extra beads and goodies into packages and put them in their place instead of all over
my work bench.

I added an Easter bunny dog tag to my bonanzle site. It's priced just right and I may or may not get around to creating more of them. I seem to be able to only to so many things at once, imagine that!

I am working on finishing my own Lucky Clover loomed choker and I am almost done with it. When I finish it up and do the embellishments on it, I will post it on my website. My next project is going to be my Pirate choker.

I did get 5 new flower canes up this month even though I am behind on my cane work.

Thank you so much for all the input and emails. I enjoy all the encouragement that you send my way.

Until next month,