Monday, September 30, 2013

Wear it Like a Kinky Boots Tony Nominee

Volume 10 Issue 10, October 2013


What's New in October?

As I write this, there has not been a drawing yet for my Wear it Like a Celebrity necklace and earring give away. The winner will be published in the November edition of the BluPrint, but the winner will be drawn tomorrow.

I have had over 200 entries so far, and the day is not over. I cannot wait to see who my lucky winner is and get these pretty earrings and lovely bracelet in the mail to them. They will win this pair of earrings and this bracelet.

The earrings are the same as what was given to members of the press in GBK’s Primetime Emmy gifting lounge.

The bracelet is the same as what was given to the celebrities attending New York Fashion Week GBK Luxury Lounge. Some of the fashion stars with this bracelet include:

Alysia Reiner from Orange is the New Black, Annaleigh Ashford, a Tony Nominee from Kinky Boots, Emma Kenney of Shameless on Showtime, Carla Facciolo of Mob Wives, Hofit Golan of Fashion TV, Ice-T of Law and Order, SVU, Jack Noseworthy from Killing Kennedy, Matt Letscher from Scandal and The Carrie Diaries, Miss J Alexander, America’s Next Top Model, fashion designers Patricia Field and Phillip Bloch, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola of Jersey Shores and a host of other celebrities. There are too many to name here.

We have had a busy fall so far, and it just begun ten days ago!

If you did not win the bracelet and earrings, use coupon code GBK2013 and take 20% off your entire order from Blue Morning Expressions.

Bracelets! New designs based on the bracelets that the celebrities are wearing from their SWAG bags that were presented to them at GBK’s New York Fall Fashion Week Luxury Lounge are all making their way into my studios. I have included five different styles with more to come.

Beads! New focal beads and new flower beads are all over the studio looking all bright and cheerful. Also included, are bead kits.

I have them on my website, which is currently pointed to my Artfire studio while I do extensive rebuild of the site:

Until next month,

Julie & Blu

Things to Look Forward To:

New Products:

New Watches—Holiday and every day watches are in the studio. They are

selling as soon as they are posted, so get yours fast. Limited designs.

New Necklaces— New holiday necklaces are on the bench waiting for design.

Beads— Holiday beads and buttons are on their way.

Bead kits for the DIY crowd! There are enough beads in these kits to recreate one of my flower bead bracelets. If you want to do it yourself, I have included all the components necessary to string a bracelet. You supply the time, the beading wire and the imagination.

Remember to Like us on Facebook for your chance to win other beads and jewelry, as well as get in on all the latest news from Blue Morning Expressions.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Countdown to Christmas Week 2 2013


Welcome to the Second Annual Countdown to Christmas

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Around the World for Christmas! First Stop: Argentina

This year, we will be going to climb into Santa’s sleigh and head around the world while he delivers his presents to good boys and girls. We are going to peek in on the celebrations from all of our neighbors celebrating Christmas. Maybe, we will grab a toast or three along the way.

Dress warm; wear your mittens; put your scarf on; wear goggles if you have them. We are on our way!
First stop is Argentina.

Argentina is made up of around 92 percent Catholics, so their celebrations are close to a traditional Catholic celebration filled with Mass and church celebrations. The Argentineans greet you with Feliz Navidad in order to wish you a Merry Christmas.

There are many days of Christmas carols, family gatherings and beautiful decorations in red, green and gold. The doors of the homes are draped in garland, and the Christmas tree may be adorned in lace. Because of the traditional Roman Catholic heritage, the Nativity Scene – persebre – is one of the most important parts of decorating for the holidays. Every family has one, and it is prominently displayed during the season.

Because Christmas falls during a very warm season in Argentina, the Argentineans like to apply cotton balls to the tips of tree branches to simulate snow. You might want to remove your mittens or hats at this point.

Christmas dinner is served on the 24th of December in the evening, and the celebration is followed by a toast for the adults and fireworks to delight the children. Presents are opened at midnight while lovely paper balloons – globos – fly through the night sky, piloted by a lit candle.

Christmas dinner consists of a roast turkey or pork. Stuffed tomatoes, minced pie and puddings accompany the dinner. The main dish could be a roasted duck or a peacock. Another traditional favorite is the ninos enveuettas, which is a combination of minced meat, onions, hardboiled eggs and spices all stuffed into the center of  3-inch strip of steak. This is served with chimichurri. The toast consists of a fruit drink with chunks of fruit. Deserts of dulce de leche (mahvelous caramel) and a lager or two round out the evening.

The blending of Hispanic, European and American traditions make Christmas in Argentina one that most can recognize, but with an amazing combination of blended foods that are sure to delight the taste buds with their spices.

The holiday season is finalized on the 6th of January with the gift of the Three Kings Day being distributed to the children of Argentina. Children place their shoes outside the home, and the Magi come and fill them with gifts. Instead of cookies and milk, Argentinean children put hay and water out for the Magi’s horses. Some children keep their shoes under their beds. Maybe those were the bad kids.

Maybe some of these gifts have found their way into the wrapped presents under the tree.


Swarovski Crystal Glass And Silver-Plated Pewter Rose Necklace in Reds


Lady in Red Chunky Interchangable Watch Band


Hugs Note Card Set red and green Plaid by ArtBySunfire 570702


Star Christmas Ornament, Handmade Fused Glass, Red and White, 3 Inch


14mm Red Lantern Jade Gemstone 17" Necklace


Handmade Crochet Multi-colored Owl Keychain Made To Order


AAA Red Quartz Faceted Fancy Carved Briolettes Size 20-23mm Approx-3 Piece Set (Carving Beads)


Heart Awareness Ribbon Pin or Magnet


Santa Christmas Earrings Swarovski Crystal Sterling Handmade Siam Red


Gold Leaf Cherry Blossoms, Red Fused Glass Cabochon, Handmade Earrings


Red Dyed Bamboo Coral Chips Tree of Life Necklace World Tree


Holly Berries and Leaves Holiday Doily - Round Placemat - Centerpiece


Lampwork Bead Etched Light Red Orange Handmade Glass Matte Opaque 428E


Red, Clear Silver and Bronze Swarovski Crystal Stack of Gifts Earrings

PolkaDot Orchid

Snowflake Lace Ornaments


Hand Knit Dancing Candy Cane Christmas Picture Dishcloth or Washcloth
Treble Clef Earrings.Silver Beaded Wire wrapped Earrings.Music Note


Quilted White Snowflakes Wall Hanging on Various Red Backgrounds


Red Hat Mrs Claus Christmas Pin Handcrafted Polymer Clay


Antique Postcard Roses "Your Birthday..." Early 1900s Gibson - Beautiful


Earrings, Dangle, Crystal, Garnet, Copper, Dark Red, Ear Wires


Placemats, Unfinshed, Red, Royal Family, Court, Set of 5


Red 3-Strand Memory Wire Cuff Bracelet with Dangles


Old Red Rose Mediterranean Coral Beads Three Strands


Red Mug Of Season's Greetings On This Handcrafted Holiday Card Red


One Dish Towel, Two Dishcloths, and a Hot Pad Perfect for any Kitchen


Deco Dragonfly, unique hand made necklace in Art Deco style with dragonfly


Stretch bracelet bright dark cherry opaque red Czech small 6 wrist


Candy cane hand crocheted rope bracelet baby pink cranberry Swarovski


Red Crystal Earrings. Sterling Silver Teardrop Earrings. Red Briolette Dangle Earrings.


Red Crystal and White Snowball Holiday Earrings

Quick, everyone back in the sleigh.
We have a lot more stops to make on our journey around the world for Christmas, and I would not want you to miss the trip.
Julie and Blu

Friday, September 20, 2013

Countdown to Christmas Week 1 2013

Welcome to the Second Annual Countdown to Christmas 

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blue Morning Expressions Presents Gift to The Joyful Child Foundation


Blue Morning Expressions Provides Handmade Earrings for The Joyful Child Foundation Charity Auction

The Joyful Child Foundation auction on October 26, 2013 will include a pair of handcrafted earrings from Julie L. Cleveland of Blue Morning Expressions. This auction will help to provide 10 years’ worth of funding to continue the foundation’s work with educating and empowering families to stop and prevent child abuse and abduction.

Bozeman, Montana, September 12, 2013

Blue Morning Expressions is honored to be a part of the October 26, 2013 silent auction held by The Joyful Child Foundation in an effort to raise funds for the next 10 years of education for families and children on the prevention of crimes against children.

The foundation is the creation of Erin Runnion in memory of her daughter, Samantha who was a victim of abduction and murder. The foundation’s goal is to educate families and their children on safety to prevent other children from becoming victims of these types of crimes.

The foundation is a non-profit organization that delivers resources and connections to provide proactive solutions in a positive and community driven way. The community then becomes an extended family for all the children in order to protect every child in every family from these crimes.

The foundation also helps to create Child Watch programs, child safety fairs and broadcastsAmber alerts through social media.

The handcrafted earrings from Blue Morning Expressions will go towards the funding for any of the projects that The Joyful Child Foundation is involved in.

About Blue Morning Expressions

Blue Morning Expressions is owned by Julie L. Cleveland, and it is located in Micco, Florida. Julie is currently in Bozeman, Montana for an extended vacation where she runs her business through the Internet. She handcrafts beads and jewelry from polymer clay and has an online shop. She also has her handmade jewelry at Simply Montana LLC in the Gallatin Valley Mall in Bozeman, Montana. She was afforded the opportunity to contribute in The Joyful Child Foundation through her participation in The Artisan Group ®.  She has recently had her bracelets given out to the celebrities during the New York Fashion Week on September 6, 2013, and some of her earrings will be gifted to members of the press at the upcoming Primetime Emmys. These gifting opportunities are through GBK’s Gifting Suites in conjunction with The Artisan Group.

About The Artisan Group

The Artisan Group ® is an elite promotions group that represents talented small business artisans. Many of the group’s activities surround celebrity and press gifting at prestigious events, but they also provide opportunity for their artists to become involved in events like The Joyful Child Foundation. In addition, the group is called upon by stylists from television and movies to provide handcrafted pieces for shows and movies. The group has had numerous pieces that have been used in The Vampire Diaries series.

“It was an honor to have a chance to design a pair of earrings for this silent auction,” Julie L. Cleveland said.

To learn more about Blue Morning Expressions and all of Julie’s latest creations, visit the website, connect with her Facebook page or follow her blog at

Contact Information

Julie L. Cleveland




Monday, September 9, 2013

Earring Blog Hop

I could not resist, so I am participating in this blog hop.

All the Leaves are Brown and the Sky is Gray

Well, not exactly, but this is one of my favorite songs, so I will sing it the rest of the day. The cottonwood leaves have yellowed and are starting to swirl down the fading stream on their way to the river. A few brisk, biting winds have tossed the branches of the aspens around, but they have not yet relinquished their bounty on to the pond. Soon, though. Soon.

Leaves are a transient living in my yard. They came in the spring with bright greens and yellows. They sheltered the robin and her nest, they littered the ground with the passing wild summer winds and they stuck in the velcro hair that is Blu. They curled around the edges of the water and made little boats for passing bugs. They confused the ducks who assumed they were a cornucopia of crackers. They bobbed and weaved about on the miniature white caps that a strong spring storm conjured up.

They clogged the drains and played hide and seek under the truck. They cluttered the porch and hid in the corners of the cabin foundation. The leaves were a living part of daily life no matter what the season. Now, they appear to be packing their leaf bags and heading to wherever leaves go to in the winter. Perhaps, they fly south with the Sandhill cranes. They may hitch a ride with the honking masses of geese that appear overhead. I appear to be in their flight path.

Saying goodbye to summer is not a task that I despise. As an autumn girl, I welcome flying leaves, cranky geese and a buck or two rummaging in the nearly complete harvest of corn. I listen for winter, and I sniff the air for those biting spices of dying leaves.

Leaves are a wondrous creation. They are alive with fire in the fall as they explode with the last living light that is within them. They quietly give up the limb at night when you are sleeping. One day, you come home, and they have left without a trace.

This is the season for leaves. Leaves are proudly displayed in art and design since the minute that someone picked up a stick and drew something on a rock. Leaves are life, and they are rebirth. They represent the passing of time. They are resplendent in these pieces of art that have been created by the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers guild.




















I leave you with these magnificent reminders of life.


Julie and Blu