Sunday, September 27, 2009

BluPrint Oct 09 Blue Morning Expressions Newsletter

Volume 6 Issue 10 October 2009

What's New in October?

Check out one of my necklaces in the Polymer Café magazine Black and White challenge! I have another lanyard/watch that will be in the magazine in an upcoming edition as well. Both of these pieces feature my geometry canes. One black and white and the other is a blend of red, white and pink. Both of the remaining raw canes are all sold out.

I have spent quite a bit of time working on new tab beads and managed to get several new sets created. About half of them sold out as soon as I uploaded them. I am trying to find time to get more created. I also want to do some more bead kits with them as the focal on earrings. I keep plugging along!

I added 20 new waterslide decal patterns to the site and I am working on creating the white blank beads to go with those. I have some pretty patterns that will make great earring kits.

I have been working on revising and upgrading it to a shopping cart site with direct downloads as opposed to running it through payloadz. This way everything stays on site. I added a half a dozen more patterns to the card set. The is the next to get the major upgrade in time for the holidays. I have had a problem with having enough time to get all these things done. I apologize for lagging behind.

Waterslide Decals! Christmas decals will be up soon and I will be adding the Halloween images as well for your holiday bead making. The tab beads will be going up as well. I am doing those in a white cernit for a smooth ceramic look. has Christmas ornaments up for your purchase now. I am happy to personalize these ornaments.

I also added a section where I showcase my pencil artwork. I can get a couple pencil portraits in before the holidays but I will need to know shortly. It takes me a bit of time to finish them so make sure you make plans now.

Use the coupon code loyal on for
30% off your entire order before shipping. Shipping on the site is a flat
$2.75 in case anyone wants to know.

Thank you so much for all the input and emails. I enjoy all
the encouragement that you send my way.

Until next month,