Sunday, September 26, 2010

Volume 7 Issue 10 October 2010


What's New in October?

New bead shape! Rondelles have now been added to my bead selections. I started with a couple of different floral rounds that I thought might be too big. They did seem that way when I was sizing them by feel. I went ahead and left them alone and once I was able to work with incorporating them into earrings, I discovered that the size was just fine.

I originally did matching sets of 6 or 8 but then I sat down and did smaller sized and created pairs. I am not selling these pairs as loose beads, I went ahead and created earrings from them. I will write up the freebie tutorial on how to use these beads and I will showcase the sets at the same time I am adding them to my finished pieces for sale.

I have 5 sets of these to create, all of them are different colour combinations and basically all designed similar. They each use a trio of Swarovski from my stash!

These remind me of something fruity, like citrus Lifesavers!



I have been busy with other obligations this month and the best I was able to do was to produce 15 new sets of beads. I have a couple sets that looked promising while I was working on them, but then something happened along the way and I am considering them irregulars. That happens! It’s not that there is anything terrible wrong, just that they have some unintentional distressed features. I discount these beads in my store.

I have canes ALL over my work bench and I am working frantically to get them all cleaned up so I can start some new ones! I want/need to create a lot of new flowers. I get bored with what I have and I start to look for new canes. I am at that stage now. has been updated and all the bracelet patterns are up. I have a couple of the tapestries up but have not finished all of those yet. I added a few more wolf patterns and I have added a free pattern section. I will be putting up free patterns on the site.

Fans of clip on earrings for big girls will find restocked with earrings just for them. I added 20 sets of dangles with Swarovski, glass pearls, Czech faceted rounds and lots of iridescent and sparkly things. Also added were one of a kind sets of millefiori glass hearts, diamonds and chicklet beads.

Thank you so much for all the input and emails. I enjoy all the encouragement that you send my way.

Until next month,