Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Blackbirds and Teddy Bears

Volume 15 Issue 2, February 2018

What's New in February?

The weather has been cooler, which means that I get to put a sweatshirt on now and then. While it may seem wonderful to always be in a warmer climate, I do long for those colder days that let me wear my boots and sweaters. I was perfectly happy tromping through the snow in Montana! Not the bitter cold so much though.

With the warm weather comes my birds in for their winter snacks. This year, I managed to score a goldfinch! I also had a strange accumulation of black birds that usually don’t pay much attention to my feeder. This year, they decided to not only snack on it until it was empty, they also knocked a screw out of it, which caused it to list and spill out on the ground. The new kids on the feeder were destructive to say the least, and my little woodpecker was not happy at the intrusions!

It’s not been all fun and games this month; I actually got some work done and have a few new things to offer.

Until I show you those things, here is a really bad photo of the pretty goldfinch. He was hiding his face and promptly flew away after I took the photo.


What’s New

Bracelets: I have gone charm bracelet crazy and added two new bracelets to my lineup as I have been experimenting in making charms to sell.

Charms: I decided not to keep all the charms to myself, and started offering them for sale in my shop. They are located under the bead section.

Magnets: New hummingbird and giraffe magnets join the lineup.

You will find all of my beads, canes and finished jewelry on my website.

Until next month,


Things to Look Forward To:

New Products:

Hot rod mugs: More hot rod mugs have been put in the shop, and I have a lot of other print items on the burner.

Necklaces: Since I have gotten some techniques under control, my designing has taken a new direction. I am working on new necklace designs.

Magnets: I am working on developing a ton of new magnets that will include my hot rods and National Park photos.