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Turkeys and Christmas Angels

Volume 14 Issue 4, April 2017

What's New in April?

I finally moved the bird bath from a remote corner of the yard to the front yard by the bird feeder. I was rewarded immediately with a blue jay that wanted to take a bath in it. I would say that the move was a successful attempt to give the birds something extra besides cracked corn and sunflower seeds.

However, the squirrels are using it for their own private pool party, and one of them used it as a launching pad to the squirrel-baffle-protected flat feeder. A move of a couple feet fixed that craziness! It’s a lot of work trying to keep up with the birds and their clever squirrel friends!

This week, it’s been woodpecker mating season with a flock them buzzing the yard, trees and feeder. Then a wild turkey walked through the front yard on her way to wherever turkeys go, and a ibis made the top of my Norfolk pine its perch in an attempt to showcase itself as a stand-in for a Christmas angel. Other than that, it’s been a quiet week!

April brings more than spring showers; it is bringing some more beads, finished pieces and a huge craft supply clearing event. I have to get rid of my books, findings and a huge stash of polymer clay!


Hot Rod Mugs: I added a couple dozen new hot rod mugs to the website and matched them in my saracom Etsy shop. It’s not too soon to start shopping for Father’s Day! These pieces will migrate to my main site at some point.

Mother’s Day: As many of you know, Blu and I host a countdown to Christmas and Mother’s Day every year. Well, it’s time. The Mother’s Day 2017 Countdown is underway and filled with our artist friends and their beautiful creations. Just look to the left menu for the links.

Print Pieces: My Just Beachy line has released and is all on Zazzle. I have some individual pieces on my website, but the entire line is on Zazzle.

You will find all of my beads, canes and finished jewelry on my website.

Until next month,

Julie & Blu

Things to Look Forward To:

New Products:

Hotrod magnets: I am finishing up the hotrod magnets, and I have a couple dozen done, but not featured in the shop.

Pillows: I have a huge file of pillows to finish, and many of them are going to be included in other sets of housewares like the Just Beachy line.

Print Pieces: I am working on canvases and posters. I have been working on putting together the Scenes from a Car Show series into print.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

She was Born in March

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

There are 31 days to enjoy the traits of March. March is home to St. Patrick’s day and oh, the Ides of March. It is a rough and tumble month as winter loses its grip on the Northern Hemisphere and spring snatches the month away on the March Equinox. This month is ruled by Mars, the god of war, and it is the first month of the Roman calendar. Mars was the guardian of agriculture and father to those famous twins: Romulus and Remus. We see seasons changing, crops being readied, flowers starting to fight their way to the surface under ice and the season of change starting.

The Personality:

She is affectionate. She is shy and reserved. She is sensitive to others and loves peace and harmony. She is a natural leader and teacher. She can be a perfectionist, but that makes her a great philosopher. She is an artist with a love of all that is holistic. She is drawn to the medical profession, and she is very good at it. Her powers of observation and assessment give her the ability to succeed in medicine and research. She loves to travel, and she has a tendency to dream and fantasize. She is musically talented.

She is honest with a generous spirit that can cause her great guilt. She can be moody, but she is extremely intuitive, so she may be simply observing.

The Signs:
Pisces and Aries: Twin fish and the Ram

clip_image002The Stone:

March children are ruled by Neptune, god of the sea. The Aquamarine is naturally a stone colored as the ocean. This stone presents courage and friendship. It is the stone of faithfulness. Aquamarines are said to cure throat issues, and it is the stone of communication. It is believed to open awareness and ease tensions.

While it is normally a seafoam green or blue, it can be found in a sky blue, which is the color found in most jewelry.

"A March born shall always be
Soothed by Aqua, gem of sea
This mermaid's treasured stone you wear
Will bring happiness, love, affection and care."

clip_image004The Flower:

As the tiny plants start to unfurl under the ice and snow, bulb flowers are starting to shove their way upward. The beautiful and intricate daffodil is the flower of the March babies. In some climates, they are the first flowers that give us the first sign of spring.

The Color:

Aqua is the color of those who call March their month.

The Gifts:

Wildlife Art - OOAK Filet Crochet Doily

RSS Designs in Fiber

Impression Jasper Statement Necklace

Solana Kai Designs

Light Aqua/Teal Chevron Cover fits Silhouette Cameo

Simple Embroidery Sew

Aqua Glass Pearl Cream Swarovski Pearl Women's Bracelet

Lady Green Eyes Jewelry

Hand Knitted Beautiful Blue Birdhouse With Heart Picture Dish Cloth

Holly Knitter Creation

Aqua Blue Dichroic Glass Necklace

Resetar Glass Art 

Star Earrings Aquamarine Earrings

Treasures of Jewels

Aqua Blue Doorway on Historic Building in Tombstone Arizona Colored Photograph

Butterfly in the Attic

Unusual Afzelia Burl Pendant Necklace


Necklace for Women

Blue Morning Expressions



Pelhuaz by Red

Baby Boy Elephant Stickers in Blue

Adore by Nat

Sen Coin Czech Blue Opal Crystal Sterling Chandelier Artisan Earrings

Kats All That

Etched Dark Aqua Blue Lampwork Bead

Covergirl Beads

Aquamarine Earrings – March Birthstone


Easter Island Face Earrings

Shadow Dog Designs

Hearts and Stars Pet Scrunchie Neck Ruffle


Gemstone Earrings

Blonde Peach Jewelry

Aqua Crystal Earrings

Pretty Gonzo

Blue Lace Agate Freshwater White Pearl Sterling Earrings


With handmade items, often times they are one of a kind items that sell quickly. If you see something mom would like, then you better buy it now before someone else does.

Don’t see what you want here, then ask someone to make something just for your mom.

Shop from these Mother’s Day Countdown 2017 links, as well:
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Happy shopping!

Julie and Blu

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She Was Born in February

Second Place
She may be second, but that doesn’t make her second best by any means. In fact, she is charming and makes a wonderful first impression. The month of February is the shortest on the Julian and Gregorian calendar, and it is home to the strange phenomenon of Leap Year when it has 29 days instead of the normal 28 days. We use February to catchup with the seasonal year. February is derived from the Latin term that means purification. While some flowers are blooming in the north, it is the middle of summer in other parts of the world.

The Signs: Aquarius and Pisces: The waterbearer and the twin fish.

feb-pic7-150x150The Flower: It is the lovely Iris that graces the table of the child of February. It goes with the traditional color of purple being associated with those born under the second month. The Iris expresses peace of mind, friendship, faith, hope and wisdom. Not content to only have one flower, the Pisces wants two flowers, so you will find the violet is also part of the second month child. Both of these wonderful spring flowers are filled with the exciting color purple.

The Personality: She is one of the most original people who have graced the earth. She is in great company with inventors and eccentric folks. She is curious and adores science since it stimulates her mind. She loves to research, and she is drawn to psychology. She loves the challenges of televisions and can rule the Internet with her curious spirit. This makes her able to earn a comfortable living. Intuitive and filled with common sense, she has a powerful will. She is independent. She is beautiful. She is an intellectual. She can be eccentric to a fault. She is clever. She is quiet and shy. She is honest and loyal. She loves friends, but has trouble making them. She can be too sensitive.

The Color: Why, it is purple, of course.

amethyst-large_infoThe Stone: The stunning amethyst is the birth stone of the February baby. It brings stability and peace to the quirky February child. It is also a symbol of power and courage. As we know that purple is a regal color, we know that amethysts dazzle with purples and lavenders. These powerful colors only enhance the beautiful February darling. The amethyst is said to be so powerful that it can aid in the healing of withdrawal symptoms of those suffering from addiction. It is no wonder it is referred to as the sobriety stone. "The February born shall find Sincerity and peace of mind, Freedom from passion and from care, If they, the amethyst will wear."

The Gifts:

Amethyst Necklace Watch Necklace

Treasures of Jewels

King Cake Earrings

Wyvern Designs

Amethyst Stalactite Necklace


Purple Flower Celtic Woven Mat

RSS Designs in Fiber

Pregnancy Baby Shower Tags - Set of 24


Hand Beaded Women's Necklace


Purple Hand Beaded Cuff Bracelet

Crafting Memories 1

Violet Flower Beaded Bracelet for Women

Blue Morning Expressions

Amethyst Purple Swarovski Crystal Cha Cha Beaded Ring

Dianes Dangles

Etched Pale Amethyst Lampwork Beads Purple Glass Silver

Covergirl Beads

Genuine Amethyst and Chain with Niobium Ear Wire Earrings

Kats All That

Iris Victorian Note Card 5 x 7 blank


Easter Bunny and Pink Tulips Spring Dog Bandana


Purple Fused Art Glass Plate

Resetar Glass Art

Ladies Slouchy lace hat in Deep Purple

Nancys Knots and Lace

Tree of Life Amethyst Earrings

Pretty Gonzo

Pendant Necklace and Earrings for Women

Blonde Peach Jewelry

Short Beaded Pendant Necklace

The Singing Beader

Butterfly Arrowheads and Purple Amethyst Lampwork Earrings

Shadow Dog Designs

Snowflake Christmas Ornament

Kevs Krafts

With handmade items, often times they are one of a kind items that sell quickly. If you see something mom would like, then you better buy it now before someone else does.

Don’t see what you want here, then ask someone to make something just for your mom.

Shop from these Mother’s Day Countdown 2017 links, as well:

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Happy shopping!

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