Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blue Morning Expressions to Participate in Luxury Gift Lounge in Honor of The 2013 NY Fashion Week and the GBK 2013 Primetime Emmy Gift Lounge

Blue Morning Expressions 
Julie L. Cleveland owner/artist



We're pleased to announce Blue Morning Expressions in association with The Artisan Group, will participate in an invitation-only luxury celebrity gift lounge hosted by GBK Productions on September 6-7, 2013 at an exclusive location in New York, in honor of The 2013 New York Fashion Week.

All attending celebrities will receive one of our handmade beaded bracelet in their swag bags.

In addition, Blue Morning Expressions will also be providing handmade earrings to be included in the press SWAG bags during GBK's 2013 Primetime Emmy Gift Lounge that takes place the Friday and Saturday before the awards in September. This pre-show gifting suite honors the nominees and the presenters. 

 To learn more about Blue Morning Expressions and our products, or our participation in this exclusive event, visit or email 

Julie L. Cleveland, Blue Morning Expressions' sole proprietor, is a resident of Micco, Florida and is on extended stay in Bozeman, MT. Her jewelry and beads are sold through Simply Montana LLC in the Gallatin Valley Mall as well as online. She is a graduate of Pekin Community High School in Pekin, Illinois. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Back to Livin’ Floridays

blue skies and ultraviolet rays … looking for a better day ….

Those who do not know, Parrotheads are those lovable and quite insane followers of Jimmy Buffett.

The tropical pinks and teals were much on my mind this week as I was making travel plans to go to Illinois and visit my grandmother for her 100th birthday. It made me think of when I moved to the tropical paradise known as Florida way back in the early 80s and left my Illinois home. That was about the time that Jimmy Buffett was just getting his toes in the sand, and he had a quaint (the real description is: a shack) little storefront in the marina in Key West. This place sold parrot shirts, coconut gift items and smelled heavenly of hot coconut oil.

This was around the corner from Hemmingway’s place: Sloppy Joe’s.

Of course, now Jimmy is a household name, and his little place is this monstrous Margaritaville in Orlando’s City Walk where the drinks are a gazillion dollars, the calamari is sliced longways and very tasty, and if you are not careful, you might find yourself in a conga-line while they beat the drums to Volcano. You never know when she is gonna blow.

But I don't want to land in New York City,
I don't want to land in Mexico.
I don't want to land on no Three Mile Island,
I don't want to see my skin a-glow

All great parrotheads and those who did not know they were one, must attend at least one Buffett concert and do the fins when he performs Fins to the left and Fins to the right and lament the fate of some poor, sweet, young girl being stalked by landsharks in a Daytona bar. They have their own chapters, like the Hell’s Angels, and wear coconut bras and grass skirts, unlike the Hell’s Angels.

Photo compliments of the Examiner and linked to their parrothead description article.

Ah, those Floridays when I was living all the words of Changes in Latitudes and Changes in Attitudes. It is easy to dream of tropical nights, mosquitoes, Bahama Mamas, Tikibars and the soothing crash of the waves as you are breathing deep, cool mountain air and still trekking along in snow when hiking the high ground. In honor of Floridays, I bought a new pair of teal shorts to wear with my pink shirt. I look silly in Montana, but no one would notice me kicking sand along the Coco Beach pier.

See how easy it is to get distracted by two colors? They are powerful reminders that we are influenced by colors, scents and music in our lives. While I cannot tell you what I had for breakfast this morning, I can tell you where I was when I first heard Jimmy Buffet sing When the Coast is Clear. It made me cry.

In an effort to ease a slight bout of longing for Floridays after listening to an overdose of Jimmy (I have all his albums), I created the really cool collection Back to Livin’ Floridays for the JCUIN guild on Artfire.

The talented designers in the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers (JCUIN) may not realize they were triggering a reaction to a not-so-distant memory when they dreamed up their teal and pink creations, but they have made me want to go back home to Florida for a quick dip in the ocean while inhaling coconut oil wafting along the seabreeze.














Florida is all fun and sun until the tourists come back and the hurricanes blow. Most of all, Florida is an attitude, and like Jimmy, I want to order Boat Drinks while trying to Reason with a Hurricane Season. Now, I must put all my parrothead music onto my MP3 player because it is going to be a long flight.

"Boat Drinks"
Boat drinks. Boys in the band ordered boat drinks.
Visitors just scored on the home rink.
Everything seems to be wrong.
Lately, newspaper mentioned cheap airfare.
I've got to fly to Saint Somewhere.
I'm close to bodily harm.
Julie and Blu

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hawks and Summer Storms

Volume 10 Issue 7, July 2013

What's New in July?


I went off in search of wildflowers in the mountain meadows, and I was not disappointed. I have hundreds of wildflower photos that I am culling through to post on my blog. If you love flowers, I am sure that there is a photo in there to please. I will have that content up by mid-month, so check out our Facebook page to see the post. In the meantime, we have had a lot of very high winds that have knocked over longstanding cottonwoods and even broke a young, healthy aspen. These are straightline winds that have to be moving at least 50 mph. The bad part of it was, they happened when little hawks were in their nests.

One refugee was knocked out of the nest, and she sat on the ground just staring for days. The Raptor Rescue came and took her to the clinic, where they gave her fluids and nursed her back to health. Then they brought her back and released her. She spent a couple days just sitting in the tree while mom swooped and screeched at her. She is gone now, so I have assume that she learned to fly because there are two or three hawks now winging around the cottonwoods.

She did allow me to take quite a few photos of her while she waited to learn how to use those wings of hers.

hawk2 hawk1

New Jewelry—I am in the process of creating over 85 new bracelets. Part of the production will go to the GBK NY Fashion Week Luxury Lounge where they will be included in the SWAG gift bags. The rest will go in my webstores and at Simply Montana LLC in the Gallatin Valley Mall.

My website has been the focus of my attention and it is newly updated with all my latest beads and canes. Newsletter readers can take 30 percent off by using coupon code 30PERCENT

I have them in my Artfire studio, my Etsy shop and my


Until next month,

Julie & Blu

The Southwestern Fantasy necklace was worn in a national Chevrolet

commercial that was just shot on the 23rd of June in Bozeman, MT.

I was part of the extras that were used to film the commercial, and

I wore the necklace. The necklace gained attention from the casting

secretary. The commercial will air later this year, and hopefully, the

parts that I was front and center in will be in the final clip.

This is a four-strand necklace featuring my polymer clay beads, bone beads, Czech faceted glass beads and pink pearls.

You can purchase this necklace here


Things to Look Forward To:

New Products:

New Watches—I have designed several new watches with my spring flower


New Bracelets— I have a few new bracelets and more on the way.

Thimbles—I am in the process of designing more thimbles for both online

and in Simply Montana LLC.

If you are interested in this rose garden bangle bracelet, contact Tracy at Simply Montana LLC, and she will be happy to wrap it up and send it to you.



In my Artfire studio: