Monday, May 26, 2014

Tulipfest 2014

Originally, my 2014 vacation was going to take me to Utah where we were going to go hiking across the many parks that Utah boasts about, but I saw a notice that it was tulipfest in Washington, so the car got pointed to the northeast. I enjoyed a day in Seattle wandering around Pikes Market, ate lunch at Ivars and finished it off with a cup of Pike’s roast at the original Starbucks.

Then we were off to the top of the Space Needle, and we wandered around the Jimi Hendrix museum exhibit, guitar exhibit, syfy exhibit and a range of other exciting things like Chihuly glass art. No, I did not go into that exhibit. There was only so much time, and the tulips were blooming. This large bush is actually a large glass exhibit. Although, I did not go in, the exhibit looks positively enchanting. Be sure to check out all of his wonderful art on his website.

I went straight on to Skagit County, Washington. I stayed at the Tulip Inn in Mount Vernon and was ready to head off to the farms the next morning. We wandered around Skagit Island the next day visiting the farms in Tulip Town. My first stop was Roozengaarde Farms where the fields stretched out forever, and the new blooms were just starting. There were only a few rows and a few colors that were in bloom while I was there, but the daffodils were in full bloom. Here are some of the photos that I took while poking around in the country.
Look at all these daffodils!

The photos of all the tulips inspired me to create a tulipfest postcard. It’s been a long time since I have fussed with Photoshop, but once I got started playing, I just couldn’t stop. Here is my interpretation of Tulipfest. These tulips were shot at the Pikes Market right next to the guys that throw fish!

Buy one in my zazzle store: Tulipfest

Buy a set of eight in my Artfire studio: 8 Tulipfest

Since I got started with postcards and other prints using my photos, I will probably be focused on those for awhile.
Julie and Blu

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chasing Rainbows

Yesterday, we had our first real spring shower and with it, came a big double rainbow. I did not have my camera in hand when I took Blu out for his evening stroll, but it was a good one! Blu hates thunder, and once off in the distance, there was a gentle rumble, which meant I had to pull him out of the shower to go for his before bed walk. I wasn’t thinking about taking my camera, but it did remind me of the wide spectrum of colors that seemingly appear when the sun hits those tiny prisms of water. The meteorologist spoke of it in technical terms, but I think of a rainbow in terms of the way that color is used by nature to excite and engage us. It also holds the promise of no other flood on earth. Here are some colorful creations that come from light hitting prisms from those who are members of the JCUIN guild.

Bridal Crystal Drop Necklace With Cultured Pearls, Sterling, Handmade


Bridal Crystal Drop Necklace With Cultured Pearls, Sterling, Handmade

"Make a Wish" - Crystal and Vermeil Earrings


"Make a Wish" - Crystal and Vermeil Earrings

Swarovski Cube Crystal Silver and Gold Bracelet


Swarovski Cube Crystal Silver and Gold Bracelet

Topaz Crystal Teardrop Dangle Earrings Sparkly Handmade Beaded Jewelry


Topaz Crystal Teardrop Dangle Earrings Sparkly Handmade Beaded Jewelry

Rainbow Chakra Swarovski Sterling Spiral Earrings Handmade Jewelry


Rainbow Chakra Swarovski Sterling Spiral Earrings Handmade Jewelry

Copper Multi Strand Bracelet, Mixed Glass beads and Crystal, Bold Stat


Copper Multi Strand Bracelet, Mixed Glass beads and Crystal, Bold Stat

Heart Polymer Clay Swarovski Crystal Dangle Earrings


Heart Polymer Clay Swarovski Crystal Dangle Earrings

Rainbows, prisms, crystals and all the other elements that we use to create and scatter colors from our ears, necks, wrists and fingers will always be a popular design choice. I don’t see diamonds going anywhere soon.
Enjoy all these sparkly and colorful creations from the artists of the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers guild on Artfire.
Julie and Blu

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer is Making Her Appearance

Volume 11 Issue 6, June 2014

What’s New in June?

June is sneaking up on us, and I am not ready for half the year to be over yet! We have just started our spring cleaning, and now, I am looking at cooking out and hiking some trails. We spent all of last month working on a new ezine from the group of artists and designers we hang out with. I am happy to say, it has been published and is available for viewing or downloading from our blog. 2014 Summer Fun-zine is available at


Here is a sneak peek of the cover. The inside is full of summer safety tips for family, friends and pets. It contains a wealth of yummy summer recipes from the artists featured inside. There is a run down of the summer holidays that may celebrated wherever you live, and there are over 45 artists and their handmade goods featured. This is our quarterly publication, and it is a great one!









Necklaces: I have been working on new necklaces that I have not put into the shop yet.  I have several pendants that I have to finish before I can add them. They are really cool though!

Earrings: Working on new designs and using some of my latest flower canes to create new earring beads.

Canes: New flowers are coming up on my workbench now. I just need to finish it all up and get the photos up.

Soon, they will all be in my Artfire, Etsy and website. Check my blog for updates.

Julie and Blu


Things to look forward to:

New Products!

Watches: I have a lot of new watch designs that are ready to be put together. I will have them up this month.

Counted Cross Stitch Patterns: I have a lot of new ideas that need to be drawn up, and I will be working on them this month. Right now, I have over 400 patterns in the shop! Here are some of my patterns.

Photography: I am currently working on putting my photos and graphics together to create products like wall art and paper creations.

Because this is a new format, new pc and new programs, this post is going to be less than colorful Smile 

Check back here as I get it updated.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

2014 Summer Fun-zine From Our Hands to Yours

Fresh for Summer!

It's off the press and ready for your hands. Enjoy delicious recipes from the artisan who contributed to this edition of From Our Hands to Yours, stay safe during the summer with information on sunstroke, first aid and other summer safety issues. We even have a section on pet safety! 

We have gifts for all your summer celebrations, and there is a list of the summer holidays. 

Are you ready for National Hammock Day?