Sunday, January 31, 2010

BluPrint February 2010 Newsletter of Blue Morning Expressions

What's New in February?

Wow! January ended with a whoosh! I put all my loose beads on sale and I sold over 60 sets and they were flying out of here! Of course, now I am scrambling to create new sets for everyone. My tab bead supply is depleted and I only have a handful of my kaleidoscope pillow beads left. I will get more started as soon as I can.

I am working on some new canes as a special order and when they are done, they will be available for sale as well. I was asked to recreate the Plumeria flower in cane format as opposed to the bead format that you normally see. It’s on my workbench now.

I finished a huge piece that I was working on for a contest and here is the preview to that.

Title: The Year of the Tiger

Each of the round beads are created using a tiger skin cane over a base round bead. All of the individual dangles have been hand wire wrapped and the whole piece consists of tiger eye chips and red tiger eye 4mm beads. The Swarovski crystals are 4mm AB and the Jablonex Czech Topaz glass rounds are also 4mm.

Fans of clip on earrings for big girls will find restocked with earrings just for them. I added 20 sets of dangles with Swarovski, glass pearls, Czech faceted rounds and lots of iridescent and sparkly things. Also added were one of a kind sets of millefiori glass hearts, diamonds and chicklet beads. and are both still being worked on. It is behind the scenes so there should be no interruption of service. If there is, please let me know and I will get right on it. I had added a few new patterns. There was a call for buffalo in the seed bead pattern section so I have created a couple patterns there. Both in loom and in peyote.

I am getting ready to do my spring waterslide decals and will get those up shortly. They will be available in waterslide decal section.

Spoonflower is now carrying one of my carousel horse designs on fabric. The black coloured pencil horse is now available on cotton or quilt square.

Watch for new beads featuring my decals and also watch for blank clay beads designed for your own decal creativity.

Thank you so much for all the input and emails. I enjoy all
the encouragement that you send my way.

Until next month,