Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wear it Like a Celebrity Gift Giveaway

We are pleased to announce that in honor of our participation in the GBK New York Fashion Week Luxury Lounge on the 6-7 of September and our participation in the GBK Primetime Emmy Gift Lounge, we are giving away one bracelet like the celebrities are getting in their SWAG bags in New York and one pair of earrings like the press are receiving in their gift bags at the Primetime Emmys.
One lucky winner will receive both pieces of jewelry for themselves.
We have been very fortunate to be a part of an elite group of artists that are providing handmade items to celebrities, members of the press, stylists for television and movies and charity organizations. These gifts are through the hard work of The Artisan Group, and the gifts are done through outside agency lounges and are in no way associated with the events for which we provide jewelry.
The Press is receiving this style earrings in the Primetime Emmy bags.

Our celebrity gifts for the New York Fashion Week Luxury Lounge include bracelets like this example.

Contest has closed - thank you to all who entered!

To enter, all you need to do is fill out the following entry form. No likes, no tweets, no follows and no sharing required to be entered. However, we would LOVE it if you would share this blog post with all your friends and for you to like our Facebook page.
Cannot wait to see if you win? Use coupon code GBK2013 and take 20% off your entire order from Blue Morning Expressions.
Other designs are available and the violet bracelet is specially priced until the New York Fashion Week concludes. The price will go up to $30 after the 7th of September.
Good luck!!
Julie and Blu


  1. What a lot of work, Julie! Am sure they will be much appreciated. Will enter the giveaway a bit later. Thanks. (P.S. - the bracelet does not show in the post).

  2. Ha! As soon as I posted my comment, I see it now is showing. Playing hide and seek, the sly thing!

  3. Lucky press and celebrities that will wear your creations.... maybe me too!

  4. I am in awe of your preparation for the celebrity events. The pieces are so pretty.

  5. Those goody bags will get lots of ooos and awwws from those who receive them! Hopefully you'll get some follow up sales from some of the celebrities and/or press!

  6. Lucky press and celebrities to receive such gorgeous jewelry from you!

  7. Beautiful work Julie - hoping I'm the luck winner. I know the celebrities already are to be receiving these beauties!

  8. I loved the post that I also shared it!

  9. thanks for the opportunity to win. found this via Mad Girls Inc. God bless you and yours
    Joann Tompkins Winborn

  10. LOVE the Violet Garden, it's like the elegant side to Mardi-Gras, lovely!!! I found you through Mad Girls, Inc. Thank you so much for sharing your talents!

  11. Thanks for making this as easy as pie to enter! :)