Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 09 BluPrint the official Newsletter of Blue Morning Expressions

Volume 6 Issue 7 July 2009

What's New in July? is filling up slowly but surely. I am trying to at least put a couple items in the different categories so there is a small representative to what is to come. I know that there are a lot of categories that are still blank, but rest assured they will be filled!

I also have taken the time to get some new canes created. I did a couple kaleidoscope canes and one little white daisy for the fun of it. The kaleidoscopes are not in the store and one of them was used for a fund raiser necklace and earring set that I did. The other kaleidoscope's future is unknown at the moment.

Under Bead Kits, I now have two earring kits and one ladybug necklace kit. The ladybug comes with all the beads you need to create one necklace using my original ladybug polymer clay beads. The new earring kit consists of my cute little spiral tube beads and other goodies.

I am still juggling all the sites and keep moving from one to the other in no apparent order. I have a notebook full of new designs for and am slowly but surely reworking loom patterns into peyote patterns for Both of those projects are scheduled to be done shortly. I also have some new earrings and designs ready for

Eyeglass Chain kits. I have the original one done and photos taken, I am now in the process of putting together my kits. I have all the main beads bagged and the findings together, but I am in the process of coordinating all the additional spacers and other goodies that will go in the kits. I have about a dozen of them about ready to go.

Charms and charm bracelets, please bear with me, I am working as fast as I can to get them completed and updated.

Waterslide decals. I have 20 designs up and thousands more to put together. I am working on cleaning up all my artwork from the last few years and putting these things together for use on polymer clay, candles, wood plaques and anything else you can think of to decorate.

I still have to put all the children’s jewelry up on the website, I have not even started that and I still have hundreds of earring designs that are not up yet.

I also am doing a lot of one of a kind buttons that I have spread out on my work bench right now and almost ready to upload. These are not made to order creations, they are one of a kind, when it’s gone, it’s gone type of buttons.

Use the coupon code loyal on for
30% off your entire order before shipping. Shipping on the site is a flat
$2.75 in case anyone wants to know.

Thank you so much for all the input and emails. I enjoy all
the encouragement that you send my way.

Until next month,