Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fudge! It's Not Just For Christmas :)

Chocolate Fudge Homemade Hillside Bakery

I love fudge - I normally am not a chocolate eater, but I make an exception for fudge. I am mystified by the properties of fudge, it isn't like a mess of melted chocolate that sticks to your fingers or refuses to come off the package. Instead, it is a block of delicious goodness that when eaten triggers an overwhelming urge for a glass of ice cold milk.

I admire people who can make fudge. I am not one of those people. My one and only attempt at fudge making was in August of 2004 in Florida. I somehow missed an ingredient and it refused to solidify or even to look pretty. I put it in the refrigerator and kept an eye on it. Occasionally, I would go and take a chunk out of it- the taste wasn't bad - but when I would go back and look at the pan, the missing space was filled in with more fudge.

It became the pan of the perpetuating fudge. It always self-leveled, it became thinner and thinner the more I picked at it. Then we had the hurricanes of 2004 and we personally took a couple direct hits. After the first one, we had no power for a couple weeks. The fudge lived on in a dead refrigerator. Never drying up, never going bad - just sat there perpetuating.

Good homemade fudge is hard to come by and it is obvious that I can not just whip up a batch the next time that I want fudge, so it was a “beoutifool” thing that I discovered Lisa at Hillside Bakery. Lisa knows how to make fudge!! Happy dance!

I got a sampler box and we have been sampling. She sent us her candy bar series and I staked out the coconut filled fudge (Mounds) and the candy dot fudge (M&M) as my momentary favorites. My other half has laid claim to the Pecan and the Almond Coconut (Almond Joy) fudge as his. The peanut butter (Reeses) is still pristine in its package. As a die hard Reeses fan, I am squirreling it away for an emergency.

Lisa is lovely to work with and I have two more half pounds in my shopping cart on Artfire waiting on me finishing the purchase. I am going to try some vanilla fudge this time. Yum!

Go buy some of her fudge and tell her that Julie and Blu sent you.

Go now, buy some!

Hillside Bakery Fudge

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