Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kaleidoscope Canes on Auction at ebay now

I have a huge box of my kaleidoscope canes on eBay up for auction - there are almost 3 pounds of canes with a starting bid of $3.99.

A big box of my canes are on ebay for a starting bid of $3.99 Raw Polymer Clay Kaleidoscope Canes Bead Making Premo - Here is the link

Here is the photo


  1. You should use "ebay on the go" and we could click the link


  2. Thanks Jacki, got it fixed! I left out my anchor tags - I never could get ebay on the go to work for me so I do it the old fashioned way and hand code it - which makes it easy to goof. Thanks for the heads up!

    Happy sales