Monday, October 29, 2012

Saddles, Horses and Mountain Passes

Volume 9 Issue 11, November 2012

What's New in November?
Soon the smell of turkey will be wafting throughout the homes of millions of Americans and there will be unlimited football and cranberry sauce, as well as bellyaches and a lack of sofas to nap on. It seems like yesterday and I was enjoying budding petunias and brilliant red geraniums and now the flower buckets are put away for the season.

We have had a couple snows already and it is a soft grey day out. But, the lack of color does not mean that we are not colorful in the studio this month. Blu and I are busy creating all kinds of new colorful creations and a wide variety of beads and canes.

We also have added some more cute gift ideas to our studios.

We have done our last hike of the season up into the mountains as the fall is in full swing here and as I was out wandering, I spied these nosy horses trying to figure out what we were doing. The mountains in the back were the mountains we were going to hike up into. That saddle ridge was our destination.

We made it up  to the foothills just below the ridge before we felt the snows starting to creep in and decided clip_image002to hoof it out of the mountains before we were forced to hike in the dark.

New Canes and Beads
Here are some new canes that I have come up with for the fall season. I have them in my Artfire studio, my Etsy shop and my
Until next month,
Julie & Blu


Things to Look Forward To:
New Products:
New Beads—Euro Style handmade polymer clay large hole beads to fit the popular cable bracelets.
New Necklaces—Finally! I managed to get my act together and create the necklaces that I have had on my planning board for years now. They are single pendants featuring some of my popular beads.
Thimbles— I am back to creating thimbles. I have included my latest thimbles in the vision of Santa and snowmen! There is a gingerbread house on my work bench now waiting for me to add snow.