Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why Designers Use Pink in Their Creations

Whether you realize it or not, pink is playful, feminine and youthful. Not quite as grown up as red and more experienced than white; pink brings a blush to the cheek and a sparkle to the eye.
Pink is fun when used in hot pinks like what is found in any self-respecting Barbie’s closet. That may be why Wyvern Designs chose hot pink for her flouncy 50s style dress in this pendant.

This dress is sunny days and cocktails on the patio. For good measure, she added a pair of flip flogs in hot pink as well.

Zoomgraphik used hot pink to make this playful bracelet. See how the colors just say fun?

But pink is not always sassy and sweet; sometimes pink is respectable and all grown up.
Coral, rose and blush all add sophistication to any design.

LjewelryDesign knew the power of coral and rose when she created this wedding necklace.
A very elegant and simple design that showcases the pretty pink flowers.

The muted pinks, as is found in pastels, give a classy appearance to any fashion.
Pink is romantic and charming, while the softer the pink, the sweeter and more innocent the design.
The sweetness is apparent in this set of pretty delicate little buttons by Crystal Bazaar.

All together, pink is a fun color to use in a design. It says a lot and can be used in so many different ways. It will take on completely different meanings and looks when paired with other colors.
Just look what Unique Designs by Tammy did when she paired pink with grey in this crazy lace agate necklace.

Enjoy all these pieces compliments of the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers Guild on Artfire.
Julie and Blu

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