Monday, May 26, 2014

Tulipfest 2014

Originally, my 2014 vacation was going to take me to Utah where we were going to go hiking across the many parks that Utah boasts about, but I saw a notice that it was tulipfest in Washington, so the car got pointed to the northeast. I enjoyed a day in Seattle wandering around Pikes Market, ate lunch at Ivars and finished it off with a cup of Pike’s roast at the original Starbucks.

Then we were off to the top of the Space Needle, and we wandered around the Jimi Hendrix museum exhibit, guitar exhibit, syfy exhibit and a range of other exciting things like Chihuly glass art. No, I did not go into that exhibit. There was only so much time, and the tulips were blooming. This large bush is actually a large glass exhibit. Although, I did not go in, the exhibit looks positively enchanting. Be sure to check out all of his wonderful art on his website.

I went straight on to Skagit County, Washington. I stayed at the Tulip Inn in Mount Vernon and was ready to head off to the farms the next morning. We wandered around Skagit Island the next day visiting the farms in Tulip Town. My first stop was Roozengaarde Farms where the fields stretched out forever, and the new blooms were just starting. There were only a few rows and a few colors that were in bloom while I was there, but the daffodils were in full bloom. Here are some of the photos that I took while poking around in the country.
Look at all these daffodils!

The photos of all the tulips inspired me to create a tulipfest postcard. It’s been a long time since I have fussed with Photoshop, but once I got started playing, I just couldn’t stop. Here is my interpretation of Tulipfest. These tulips were shot at the Pikes Market right next to the guys that throw fish!

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Since I got started with postcards and other prints using my photos, I will probably be focused on those for awhile.
Julie and Blu


  1. How fascinating. Am sorry the tulips weren't in full bloom . . . but, WOW!, those daffodils! And I absolutely love your interpretation of TulipFest. Thank you for sharing your trip with us, Julie.

  2. This is a really sweet post, Julie and beautiful Blu! It'd be great to visit Tulip Town, and I would especially would love to visit a huge field of daffodils like the one in your picture - I love daffodils! :) Thanks for the post, and I think your TulipFest postcard is beautiful.

  3. Oops - excuse the extra "would" in my comment above. (Duh)

  4. Fabulous pics, Julie. I wish you good fortune in your new venture. I think you will do well.

  5. Wow, looks like the Netherlands have been transplanted to Washington State! The tulips are strikingly beautiful. The Chihuly glass sculpture is very similar one I saw in Phoenix, AZ last week. An amazing exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden.

  6. Isn't it beautiful - the Skagit Valley all decked in spring colors? I used to love this time of year when I lived in Friday Harbor. Did you get to the San Juan Islands this trip? Nice post.

  7. Not this trip, Pam. We didn't make it the last time either, but it is on my list of places to go. If nothing else, just to see if I can see some whales :) Yes, it is beyond gorgeous! My photos were very cloudy due to the fact that it was overcast. We couldn't even see Rainier from the needle!

  8. :Love your postcard! Pella, Iowa also has a Tulip Festival. I believe it's the first weekend in May each year if I remember right.