Thursday, January 29, 2015

Valentine’s Day

Volume 12 Issue 2, February 2015

What's New in February?

While I try and get settled down from my relocation escapade, I have to put my studio on hold. This means that my new production schedule is going to be a bit behind for a few months. I will get new beads, canes and jewelry out for spring. In the meantime, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day. My jewelry, beads and canes make great Valentine’s Day gifts for sisters, mothers and friends. In fact, anyone would love to wear a pair of these earrings.

Maybe these are more to your liking.


More Beads: I started replenishing my bead stock. I managed to get 22 new sets created. I did round, coin and tube bead styles. I went a little rose crazy!

Golden Globes: We participated in the Golden Globes this year.

Everything is in my Artfire studio, my Etsy shop and my


Until next month,

Julie & Blu


  1. I love both pairs. The Conversation Hearts remind me of childhood. The Heart faces are just fun! Whenever I wear any of your earrings, people always as where I got them.