Thursday, July 28, 2016

Rocket Launches and Autumn Beads

Volume 13 Issue 8, August 2016

What's New in August?

My flower gardens are in full bloom, and the butterflies are trying to crowd each other out when it comes to landing on my jatroba. I have even been blessed with a couple monarchs as they enjoy the blooms on my milkweed and honeysuckle. I would say that my attempts to turn my yard into a butterfly garden have been fairly successful. My neighbor down the lane put in a bee hive, and I keep adding more flowers, so they have something to eat. I saw a neat trick on how to water bees. It said put pie tin filled with marbles in the yard and add water to it. That way, they have something to sit on (the marbles) while drinking and won’t drown. I have several birdbaths in the yard, so I might do that.

Another thing that has been interesting this year is the overabundance of anoles (lizards). I found a lot of their eggs when I was planting flowers, but there are these little tiny lizards that are less than an inch long running everywhere. Crazy thing for sure! They are so cute!

In between admiring the butterflies and being entertained by the birds, bees and lizards, I have been making some beads. While I didn’t make a lot, I did start to look towards an autumn palette even when the temperature is over 100 degrees.

Today, I watched a rocket launch from my back yard.


More Beads: While I am working on individual beads and chandelier components, my beads are almost completely sold out, so it’s bead making time around here. I have been working on faux ceramic beads.

Canes: I am almost out of canes, so they are on my list as well. I did one kaleidoscope cane for a magazine project, but I need to make even more! I forgot how much fun they were to make.

Pushpins: There has been a run on baseball pushpins, which has gotten me motivated to start creating more pushpins from my To Do list.

You will find all of my beads, canes and finished jewelry on my website.

Until next month,

Julie & Blu




Things to Look Forward To:

New Products:

Hotrod magnets: I am adding hotrod magnets to my shops, and since I only have one finished, that’s all I can show you this month.

Bangle Bracelets: My magazine column this issue was about bangle bracelets, and I have been on a kick ever since. I am planning on creating a lot new bangles in the near future, so keep an eye out for them.

Hotrod Calendar: I have one 2017 calendar completed, but I have so many photos that one is just not enough!

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