Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Gifts for Her–Rubies and Handmade

If you are looking for a boost in self-esteem, then drape yourself in rubies. Not only will you look "mahvelous", you will also see an increase in energy levels. The ruby is good for intuition and spiritual wisdom, too.

You will find loyalty and love, as well as good fortune from your rubies, and it has a touch of aphrodisiac traits. Ooo lala

Rubies are mined in Mexico, India, Thailand, and other places around the world that you find gemstones.

The ruby is a creator's dream stone, as it is the stone of creativity. Maybe rubies will help you during a creative slump or with writer's block.

Rubies are usually red, but they can take on tints of brown or blue under the right circumstances. They are directly related to the sapphire, so they can share properties.

If you are an impulsive person, the ruby is NOT for you.

Rubies will exacerbate nervousness or short tempers. One must use great care when using rubies since they enhance emotions all too easily.

That's great if you are looking for repressed feelings, but not so great when you are trying to talk to an overseas tech help desk for information on why your blankity blank printer doesn't work.

The ruby helps you shed depression and fatigue, as well as awaken all types of passions in you, which can be very beneficial in creative folks. It will help motivate you in a positive and refreshing direction.

It is also said to be the stone of blood and circulation.

As I have said before, I don't know anything about all of these things, but I do know that red is a passionate color and the color of intensity, so okay, I can buy that rubies are an intense stone.

What is also intense are these awesome handmade gift ideas for Mother's Day from some of our most talented artists and designers.

Leather double wrap beaded macrame bracelet

Andrea Designs 

Pink Or Red Rose Wall Art

Kevs Krafts 

Ruby Red, Pink Swarovski Crystal Earrings 22K Hooks

Magdalene Jewels 

Vintage Swarovski Ruby Red Crystal Teardrop Earrings

Victorian Style Treasures 

Bird Flowers Spring Necklace, Turquoise Ruby Quartz Handmade Jewelry

Shadow Dog Designs 

Sangria Red Japanese Maple Leaves on Ce Soir Art Print

Colleen Cornelius 

Red Charm Bracelet


Red Heart Shape, Tree of Life Wire Wrap pendant Necklace Gift of Love


Red And Gold Flower Earrings

The Singing Beader 

Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads, Medium Red Dark Cranberry Shiny 432dkg

Covergirl Beads 

Knit Scarf, Cashmere Lace Scarf, Gift for Her

Crafting Memories 

Czech Ruby Travertine and Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Earrings

Kats All That 

Red Cross Hat Nurse Earrings for Women, Dainty Silvertone

Blue Morning Expressions 

If you didn’t see something that you thought would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea, then contact any of these artists, and ask them to help you create something.

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Hurry and buy your handmade Mother’s Day gift now; handmade gifts sell out fast!



  1. Another interesting read, Julie and Harry! Rubies are my second favorite gemstone (after emeralds) - adore their rich red color. And I adore all the handmade beauties you selected for your blog. Many thanks. And MANY THANKS for hosting the Mother's Day Countdown again and for doing a mid-week post. Treats to Handsome Boy from Speckled Boy.

  2. I enjoyed reading about rubies, Julie. Red is my favorite color so I really liked seeing all these handmade creations. Thanks for including my red and gold flower earrings. Shared!

  3. Beautiful - I always look forward to your informative Blog. Love this week’s on Rubies, my favorite stone! Thank you for including my Earrings among your Ruby Treasures.

  4. Great blog Julie and Little Harry. The ruby is my birthstone. Thank you for the blog and for including my scarf.
    Twitter: @dusamae

  5. Interesting read about rubies. Nice color to end Countdown to Mother's Day.
    Julie and Harry thank you for another year of Mother's Day Countdown. Thank you for including my earrings.
    Happy Mother's Day everyone!

  6. I enjoyed your blog about rubies. You always put forth fun and informative topics. I enjoyed all of these gorgeous handmade creations. Thank you for another great Mother's Day Countdown.

  7. Very interesting post about rubies. It is such a beautiful stone and one that is greatly admired. I appreciate all the research you do to create these weekly posts. Take care of yourself until this upside down world rights itself again. Will be sharing your post.