Monday, November 8, 2021

Moonpies and Holiday Pillows

 Volume 18 Issue 11, November 2021

 What's New in November?


It’s finally a bit cooler now. There have been a couple of cold fronts come through, and they may not seem like much to those who really experience cold fronts, but for us being in the 50s is a joy.


We took a few days and headed to Savannah for a get-away. It was nice; the weather was comfortable, and we wandered amongst the streets along the river and downtown. Eating and shopping our way through. Harry had a lot of attention, and little girls got their photos taken with him. He was in heaven.


I did some Christmas shopping from local artists, and with the Savannah College of Design and Art right there, the art was prevalent and eclectic. It was a delight to behold. Plus, it was potential student and parent weekend, so there were many young, promising artists milling about on the streets, making it a very entertaining weekend. Lots of hopeful future artists building their portfolios.


We didn’t get to visit the museums—mostly because Harry couldn’t go in—, but there was some inclement weather that caused at least one fort to flood and shut down some other places due to rising water. We managed to see the lighthouse and mill about in Foley Square. We looked for Forrest Gump’s bench in Chickasaw Square, but apparently that was a movie prop that they brought in for him to sit on and took away when the filming was over. I was sort of disappointed, but not terribly. It was a beautiful park none the less.


We stayed at the iconic Thunderbird Inn in historic Savannah. We got moonpies and RC Cola.


What’s New

New Earrings: In addition to fractal earrings, I added some pretty flowers and other colorful beads.

Thimbles: New Christmas and nurse thimbles, as well as faith-based thimbles with bible verses.

New Book: The Joy of Jewelry Making Create for fun. Sell for Profit is now available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats.

You will find all of my beads, canes and finished jewelry on my website.

Until next month,


Things to Look Forward To:

New Products:

Pushpins: I have too many themes to mention here, but from teachers to nurses to friends, I am doing designs as quickly as I can.

Statement Beads: Working on large beads for ZOOM calls and being on camera. Both earrings and pendant necklaces.

Prints and Posters: Bible verse posters and other art featuring hot rods and more are in production.

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  1. Really enjoyed this post, Julie! Happy to hear that you had a great time in Savannah! I love these beautiful pillows (so sweet), and the earrings. The book is wonderful too! Treats to Prince Harry Pup from Sir Gonze. Later! :) Off to promote on Twitter ...