Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blu Print April 09 Official Newsletter of Blue Morning Expressions

What's New in April?

Blue Morning Expressions is pleased to announce two new product line openings. After some experimentation with the cross stitch patterns, we have officially opened up and it is the site of over 300 patterns currently. If you look at it, you will see that there are several areas left to fill, like 4x4 cards, samplers and other goodies. They are still being put together. I also discovered that the huge key word search is bringing in those looking for free patterns, so I will be accomodating those folks as well. The site is set up for immediate download and there is no waiting for me to email the pattern or the code.

Now, keeping that in mind, my other grand opening that has been in the making for over 20 years is I have been wanting to develope these patterns for years and they are just now coming into their own. I have over 70 individual patterns for bracelets that are bundled into pattern packs of 10 each. They have been wildly successful and now I am splitting them out for individual purchases. The site is open with only the pattern booklets at the moment, but I have over 100 tapestry patterns for loomwork. I will also be converting my bracelet patterns into peyote stitch as well as time permits.

And keeping with the DIY crowd, my kits are still in the standby mode as I try and get the patterns together. I want to create some specific beads for those kits and I have been so busy building sites and creating the patterns that I have had little time for other things. So, if you are waiting to see the new bead kits, it will be just a bit longer and then I will have them ready to go. They will be showcased on my bonanzle site for beads. - take a look at what I have in there now, I have my canes and my loose beads there. I also have my loom work patterns and my raw canes. I also have freebies on that site!

I will be putting together the lanyard and eyechain kits within the next few weeks. I need to move the extra beads and goodies into packages and put them in their place instead of all over
my work bench.

I have added one more raw clay cane flower this week. It is a beautiful blue and white. Unfortunately that is the extent of what I have managed to get accomplished in the cane department. That and a freshened up leaf cane. These little staples are fun to create and I love to experiment with the colors. I also took time to create some beads. I did put up 6 new kaledioscope bead sets on etsy, I have 2 of them left. I did put up a couple new thimbles, they are gone as well. I will try and get some more beads created soon.

You can always, always find me at that is the hub site for all the goodies. I keep my fractal art clothing line there and my buttons and my magnets and my art prints and all the other things that I am playing with.

Thank you so much for all the input and emails. I enjoy all the encouragement that you send my way.

Until next month,