Saturday, April 25, 2009

May 2009 BluPrint Blue Morning Expressions Newsletter

What's New in May?

The Seed Bead Pattern Store has taken off in leaps and bounds! I am
so thrilled with the initial success and you pattern purchasers have been
great to work with! The site is up and running, the only thing left to add
is the individual peyote patterns, but the books are all there. From there I
will start converting some of my loom patterns into peyote stitch. I haven't
had a chance to develope sales and coupon codes yet, but those are next
on my list of things to do. There will also be a freebie section as well. Most
of you know that I am very generous in handing out freebies on your CD's
or in your zip downloads, and I will continue that practice for you. I still have
some cosmetic changes to make but,
is complete and functioning. hasn't been forgotten, it got sidetracked by some
extra things I had to do. It is next to get a bit of a facelift and create the patterns
that are going to go in the 4x4 cards, bookmarks, and other things. I have the
sketches done and need to translate them over to a coloured image and then
into a pattern format.

Bead kits, I have been talking about them for awhile now and they are laid
out on my work bench and I will start doing photos and descriptions and will
add them to my sites. They will be showcased on my bonanzle site, either
polymerclaybeads or saracom. I haven't quite decided yet. They will be a
nice edition to either site. I also have been contemplating writing a pdf book
of patterns for those who want to create their own polymer clay pieces. I
am not certain if I will or not.

I plan on creating a whole new group of loose beads. I think it's been a
month or so since I found the time to sit down and just create for creations
sake. I have a lot of new techniques that I want to try and I still have all
those wonderful new flower canes that I created that haven't been put to
good use yet. I think the only time I used them was on a couple thimbles
that didn't stay in the store 12 hours and they were sold. I also have a
great big beautiful mokume gane block that I want to work on some beads
from. That is the last "cane" that I have created in awhile now.

I am finishing a nasty bout with poison ivy on my leg, it appears that Blu went
trouncing through the underbrush here and then brushed up against my bare
leg. I am on week three of this and just discovered something a doctor wrote.
Put your body part under the hottest water you can stand for a few minutes, it
will dull the itch and the pain. I have to say that it does work! I also read that
it will cure poison ivy but I am three weeks late on that information!

You can always, always find me at
that is the hub site for all the goodies. I keep my fractal art clothing line
there and my buttons and my magnets and my art prints and all the other
things that I am playing with.

Thank you so much for all the input and emails. I enjoy all
the encouragement that you send my way.

Until next month,

Julie and Blu

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