Friday, April 15, 2011

Polymer Clay Floral Cane Chunky Bracelet

Floral Garden Bracelet
Polymer Clay Floral Garden Bracelet

This bracelet was in the making for several years, which just means that I had the bracelet blanks for several years and didn't get around to actually creating anything from them for a long time. I have a habit, good or bad, of picking up things that I see can be used in future projects. I ran across a seller that had these blanks in her store and I bought ten sets. I didn't know what I would do with them and it was before I really got into flower caning, so my coveted canes were all by other folks.

They came in and they were a lot heavier than I realized, so with a hmmmm, I put them away with other bracelet blanks that I had collected with no idea what I would be doing with them.

One day as I was rearranging my studio, I came across these blanks and took them and set them on my work bench with the intention of working on something using them.

I had just finished some new canes and was cleaning up clay, so I grabbed some white clay and built a bead to fit the bracelet. I then added thin slices of leaves and bright colored flowers.

After I baked them, I hand sanded them and added a slight coat of varnish to the beads.

I finished stringing the bracelet and took lots of photos of it.  It does have a little weight to it and it is a large bracelet.

But it's pretty and it is a definate one of a kind bracelet.

Just in time for spring.

Julie and Blu

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