Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lampwork Fanatic!


I am crazy about lampwork beads.

I have this collection of beads that I keep in a tightly sealed container and open only when I want to add another bead to it. Some day I will do one of two things. I will either take photos of all my little beads, or I will actually create something from them. I do love to touch those beads!

I have a handful of favorite bead designers who are so adept with the flame that I cannot help myself and need to hand over all my money to them. There are a couple that I cannot afford, so I just look at their wares and calculate monthly payments.

One of these days, I will spend the money for one of these coveted beads. Until then, I have to enjoy them visually only and really, they are much better shared than tucked in a tupperware box in the closet.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

There is an artist on Artfire who loves the lampwork beads as much as I do, but she is not afraid to put them into a design and share them with the world. I found a couple of her pieces that I just love and wanted to share with you.

First is this lovely bracelet from Lottie’s Trinkets on Artfire.

Her inspiration for this design was the lampwork beads that reminded her of a lily pond. They are pretty in their almost neutral colors with a hint of pink. The beads are commercially produced, but the design is a one of a kind. Lottie paired these beads with Czech glass and Swarovski crystal bicones. It is an elegant bracelet and worthy of a night out on the town.


Another of my favorites from Lottie’s studio includes this wild and exotic looking bracelet of stick pearls and lampwork beads.

I love the design and colors and the outrageous movement of this piece makes it eye catching. I bet it is a riot to wear and get noticed. Again, I love the lampwork beads and she has done a wonderful job of pairing the beads with shape and movement.

These yummy luster coated lentil beads are subtly iridescent and easy on the eyes. The pastel spring colors will make this a great Easter bracelet. I love the pairing of the purple glass beads with the yellow of the lampwork beads.

Lottie has done a wonderful job of utilizing the artistic abilities of lampwork artists. While some of the beads she uses are more commercially produced, she has an eye for color and design and it shows in her jewelry.

Who wouldn’t want to own these fun earrings?

Julie and Blu and our lampwork stash.

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