Friday, March 2, 2012

An Elegant and Simple Example of RAW

I found this beautiful right angle weave (RAW) beaded necklace in Lisa’s Handmade Jewelry Artfire Studio while out wandering around this afternoon.
I liked the necklace for a couple reasons; one, the RAW stitch is one of my favorites to look at. I love the way it travels on its way around a piece of jewelry, drawing your eyes along with it. Secondly, I like the way that you can alternate bead sizes, shapes and colors to add a flowing texture to the piece. This necklace is done in all 6mm glass pearls, but the alternation of the stitch changes the way these beads look so they appear to be different from each other. If they were all strung in a straight line, they would look nice and neat, though elegant, they would be boring.
Lisa has given the pearls life and while still elegant, they are anything but boring.
This 19 inch necklace is a perfect princess length as it compliment both a high collar and a low neckline. I love black turtleneck sweaters, long before Steve Jobs started sporting them, and this necklace would be absolutely stunning on a black turtleneck.
Lisa closed this off with a pearl box clasp, which is an absolutely perfect ending to this necklace.

If you are looking for an affordable and lovely gift for mom, this necklace will certainly fit the bill at under $20 and it has the added bonus of being completely handmade with care and comes from right here in the United States in the little state of South Carolina!
Visit Lisa’s Handmade Jewelry Artfire Studio and tell her that Julie and Blu sent you!