Monday, May 28, 2012

White Pelicans and Baby Ducks

What's New in June?

I am not sure what happened to the first five months of this year, but I am already enjoying watching new broods of baby ducks and some unusual pond visitors. Here is a little brood of 11 baby ducks.



We have seen one other brood of maybe three babies. It is hard to tell; once they start scattering, they go every direction at once.

I saw this beautiful visitor the other day as I was sitting here working.
I thought I was looking at a swan; he was a distance away from me and I just caught a glimpse of white out of the corner of my eye.


He is no swan and he stayed long enough for me to take several photos of him.

I do not know to what made him or her drop by the pond, but he or she was a very welcome sight. Unless you were a duck. They, for some reason, all scattered into the brush and cattails.

It was a great way to start the day!

New Canes and Beads

Here are some new beads and canes that I have come up with for the spring season. I have them in my Artfire studio, my etsy shop and my website:

Until next month,

Julie & Blu



New Beads—Here is a new series of beads that I am starting and have a few created. I decided to create separate listings for the same beads that I use to create some of my novelty jewelry that is extremely popular. These are the beads that I have been using for years and have decided to give everyone else the chance to use them to create their own jewelry.


New products: I have started creating cellphone charms and I also did a necklace using Ovenfried Beads’ spiral bead instructions.