Monday, July 2, 2012

Yellow Sparrows and Summer Raw Polymer Clay Flower Canes

Volume 9 Issue 7, July 2012

What's New in July?

I never know what I will see when I look out the window in the morning. Sometimes, there are some creatures looking back at me. Like this yellow sparrow who seemed very interested in the raw polymer clay flower canes I was creating. He was on the other side of the picture clip_image002window perched on the lawn chair, and he did not stay long, just time to say “hi” before flying off to find his mate.

The robins built a pretty little nest in the aspen outside and all was going well for her until the local magpie came in and stole her sticks.

That started a neighborhood riot, with screaming redwing blackbirds and robins chasing a thieving magpie all through the trees and bushes. Needless to say, the robin abandoned her nest and started looking for another place to raise her little ones.

Unfortunately for the robin, she selected the wrong place. She tried to build in all three of my hanging baskets of petunias and I had to move her. She now is on an old nest from last year and so far, I have not seen any little robins from her, just her tail hanging over the side.


New Canes and Beads

Here are some new canes that I have come up with for the summer season. I have them in my Artfire studio, my Etsy shop and my website:

Until next month,

Julie & Blu


New Products:

New Beads—Euro Style handmade polymer clay large hole beads to fit the popular cable bracelets.

New Necklaces—Finally! I managed to get my act together and create the necklaces that I have had on my planning board for years now. They are single pendants featuring some of my popular beads.

Thimbles— I am back to creating thimbles. There will be 12 in the next few months. I have only managed to get one created and it sold immediately. I will post them as they are finished.