Friday, July 27, 2012

Bald Eagles and Dagger Pendant Earrings

Volume 9 Issue 8, August 2012

What's New in August?

Back to work again after taking a week to go and visit my Grandma on her 99th birthday. Part of my trip was to Wild Life Prairie Park in the Peoria, Illinois area. This guy and his eagle wife were available for viewing and I got several really good looking eagle photos. Along with the eagles, there were grey wolves, bobcats, badgers and bison.  clip_image002

As soon as I got back home, I had to go right back to bead creating. It is amazing how much I miss that when I am unable to get my fingers into the clay! I am working on some special orders, but there will be a whole new set of flower canes and I still have 25 more big hole beads that I want to finish.

I have been experimenting with some new techniques and created a new set of earrings and a necklace in the techniques. This rather colorful set of daggers are all done in clay and are a one of a kind set of beads. The necklace is done in the same technique, but in reds, whites and blacks.


I will do some more beads using this same technique as soon as I get my other projects completed and shipped out.


New Canes and Beads

Here are some new canes that I have come up with for the summer season. I have them in my Artfire studio, my Etsy shop and my website:

 Until next month,

Julie & Blu


Things to Look Forward To:

New Products:

New Beads—Euro Style handmade polymer clay large hole beads to fit the popular cable bracelets.

New Necklaces—Finally! I managed to get my act together and create the necklaces that I have had on my planning board for years now. They are single pendants featuring some of my popular beads.

Thimbles— I am back to creating thimbles. There will be 12 in the next few months. I have only managed to get one created and it sold immediately. I will post them as they are finished.





The Eagle is on Zazzle if anyone is interested.

Browse other gifts from Zazzle.



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