Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mountain Lakes and Faux Turquoise

Volume 10 Issue 6, June 2013


What's New in June?

A lot of rain! However, with the rain comes all the bright, pretty flowers as

they decide they no longer want to sleep. They start to poke up through the

cold mountain pockets of snow, and they show up with brilliant colors.

I have moved into summer mode already and started working in the colors

of the summer days. Bright glasses of lemonade and sparkling water in

glasses bring the summer fun to the patio. The baby ducks have not

come out of the reeds yet, but I am watching for them.

My first hike of the season was a six mile round trip to a mountain lake. It

was a cool day that made exploring a lot of fun. While these colors are

pretty, they are not the ones that are ending up in my latest designs.



I am looking for lots of color in the new designs!

So, I decided upon a lot of yellows, oranges and reds in the new jewelry and beads.

I also have had a great time playing with faux turquoise and teal colored clay.

New Jewelry—There will be a lot of new bracelets and necklaces soon.

I am currently getting ready to do another big bead production run for a

project I am working on and to create a lot of new bracelets. I have a lot

of new watch faces that need to be strung and lots of new earrings designs

on the drawing board.

New Canes—I did a handful of new rose canes for a customer, and I added all of them to the websites.

My website has been the focus of my attention and it is newly updated with all my latest beads and canes. Newsletter readers can take 30 percent off by using coupon code 30PERCENT

I have them in my Artfire studio, my Etsy shop and my


Until next month,

Julie & Blu


Things to Look Forward To:

New Products:

New Watches—I have designed several new watches with my spring flower


New Bracelets— I have a few new bracelets and more on the way.

Thimbles—These thimbles are only available through Simply Montana, but

I will be creating more for the website shortly.