Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rekindling My Love Affair With Jasper

I forgot how much I loved the look, feel and uniqueness of jasper until I went to a gem and bead show a few weeks back. I stood for 45 minutes in front of a display of oodles and oodles of strands of jasper in every color imaginable. I held the beads. I touched the cabs. I stroked the tubes. I sighed. I mentally expensed out the cost of the strands of beads in comparison to my 200+ order status at Fire Mountain Gems. I sighed again. Yes, it was cheaper for me to buy in bulk. But, but, I had my hands on these beads and a stamp on my hand that said I could come back in again tomorrow. Deeper sigh.

After I got home I scoured the pages of the virtual catalog of FMG. I got out my jasper beads and held them. I compared them to what I had seen and tried to justify buying hundreds and hundreds of new beads. I finally talked myself out of the purchase and instead, ran through Artfire putting things in my cart like a crazy woman. I kept them in my cart until they expired. I went back and put them all back in my cart. They expired again. In a fit of silliness, I put them all back in my cart for a third time and hit the buy now button over and over again until I had them all purchased.

Now, I wait and wait and wait for all my beads to start rolling in. I am putting more and more in my cart until my new ones come in.

What is it about jasper that is so mesmerizing and intriguing?

I think it is the amazing patterns, colors and uniqueness of the beads that has me drooling and slobbering like a Mastiff worthy of a Hollywood role. I just find these beads so fascinating that I could look at them for hours trying to find the patterns and designs. Then, of course, one must marry them up with other beads and spacers. They are so much fun that designing is a blast with jasper.

I know that I have written about jasper and that most already know that it is a sedimentary rock that is opaque in nature. It is that sedimentary condition that gives the stones their unique appearance and patterns. The stones reflect the area from which they came. They are a quartz with chalcedony properties, which makes the stones home to tiny mineral growths that give quartz their color and shine.

The word jasper means treasurer. It is an energizing stone that provides protection, nourishment and warmth. It has been used throughout history and found all through ancient jewelry and decoration. It can be used as a vessel as well and makes a great vase. It is a feng shui favorite.

Those who need nourishment or comfort will find a piece of jewelry containing jasper a perfect way to feel protected.

These designers from the JCUIN guild have incorporated jasper into their lovely jewelry.


Red poppy jasper donut necklace freshwater pearl copper handmade


Aqua Terra Jasper and Hammered Copper Earrings


Brown and Teal Heart Charm Bracelet with Jasper and Shells Red Copper


Carved Unakite and Faceted Jasper Beads in Opera Length Necklace


Honeyed Amber Watermelon Jasper Gemstone Bead Drop Earrings Handmade



Earthtone Gemstone Stretch Bracelets Jasper Carnelian Tiger Wood


Red Sesame Jasper and Mother of Pearl Catholic Rosary


Caramel Colored Stone Pendant Copper Wire Wrap Chain and Leather


Beautifully Veined Red Jasper Necklace


Picture Jasper and Sterling Silver Pendant ppje2133


Copper Necklace with Gemstone Brown Picasso Jasper and Red Garnet




Peacock Vista and Red Jasper Cluster Earrings, Quartz, Earthy Dangles


Paintbrush Jasper Handmade Necklace Yellow Brown Swarovski OOAK Desert


Ocean Jasper Subtle Steampunk Pendant


Picture Jasper Gems with elephant - OOAK Bracelet


No one can ever accuse jasper of being boring. Take a look at all the other wonderful creations these artists have in their studio.


Julie and Blu