Wednesday, May 3, 2017

She Was Born in August

Days of Change
Named after Augustus, this month is the waning summer in the north, and the herald of spring in the south. Originally, it was called Sextilis because it was the sixth month, but when the calendar received January and February, it became the eighth month. August is a month of festivals as the harvest nears in the north and the spring starts to arrive in the south.

The Personality:

She is entertaining and loves to tell jokes. She is determined and has strong leadership qualities. She is very attractive. She is suave. She cares about others. She is brave and fearless. She knows how to take care of other's feelings. She is generous. She has a lot of pride in herself. She likes praise. She is very careful and tends to be extremely observant. She can be too cautious. She thinks things through, and she able to think quickly when necessary. She is very independent in her thought process. She is a dreamer. She is a great friend. She cherishes her family. She is very talented in the arts.

She makes a great leader, manager or one in the public eye. She excels in music, performance, drama and literature. She is an excellent person for the medical field. She offers much to the world, and she has a natural authoritative voice. She gathers people together and easily takes charge.

The sign:

Leo and Virgo: The lion and the virgin.

The Stone:

august-peridotThe peridot is the August birthstone. This stone is the stone of the famous. It has dignity and protection. The stone is the stone of truth, honesty and integrity. It enhances prosperity and growth.


The Flower:
august-gladGladiolas, the flower of the gladiators, rule the month of August. It is a determined flower that offers strength of character, sincerity and generosity. The August child also is associated with the poppy. The poppy is a remembrance flower, and the golden poppy is the flower of the State of California.


The Color:
The colors yellow and orange rule the month of August bringing enthusiasm and joy to the month.

The Gifts:

Silver Threader Earrings


Topaz Swarovski Crystal Heart Silver Bead Women's Necklace Set


Orange Awareness Earrings

Pretty Gonzo

Hand Knit Golden Sunflower Cotton Dish Cloth or Wash Cloth


Nurse Christmas Ornament Handmade From Cherry Wood

Kevs Krafts

Filet Crochet Art Doily

RSS Designs in Fiber

Orange and White African Helix Bracelet


Orange Beaded Bracelet

Treasures of Jewels

Kippah Yarmulke Women Chapel Cap


Yellow and Orange Flower Pendant Beaded Necklace for Women

Blue Morning Expressions

Woodland Forest Animals Sticker Labels - Set of 50

Adore by Nat

Apricot Orange Handmade Lampwork Beads

Covergirl Beads

Orange Fire Agate Statement Necklace

The Singing Beader

Yellow Star Flower Handmade Earrings

Shadow Dog Designs

Vegetable Fruits Still Life Cantaloupe Original Watercolor 11 x 15 painting


Swarovski Sunflower Antique Brass Hypoallergenic Chandelier Earrings

Kats All That

Memory Wire Bracelet

Blonde Peach Jewelry

Cat Coin Purse


Red Orange Agate Gemstone Square Stretch Wide Bracelet 7 inch

Dianes Dangles

Don’t see what you want here, then ask someone to make something just for your mom.

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