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Christmas Traditions - Christmas Eve

There are as many Christmas Eve traditions as there are those who celebrate Christmas.

Many celebrate the eve of Christ’s birth with a church service, which includes numerous countries and denominations. There are those who fast on Christmas Eve and only eat after the Midnight Mass.

Some eat their Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and then go to Christmas Mass.

Some people exchange gifts on Christmas Eve.

In some countries, people bring their trees in on Christmas Eve and spend the evening decorating them. Or they light a Yule log from last year’s Yule log and let it burn until the 12th night. Only on this night are you to bring greenery into the house like mistletoe, ivy or evergreens.

An old tale had young girls baking a “dumb cake” and then using a pin, poking their initials into the top of it. From there, the girls set the cake on the hearth, and in the morning, the initials of their future husband would be alongside theirs.

The Dumb-Cake Baking
Print by W. Finden, c1843

“Dumb cake.”

One and one-half pounds flour, one and one-half pounds sugar, one-half pound butter, two cups milk, four teaspoonfuls baking powder, ten eggs and two gills brandy and a little pulverized mace. Mix as any cake and bake in a flat pan. Now cut off two corners to make it a triangle; ice top and sides with icing; outline nuts and garnish the lower edge with English walnuts and autumn leaves.

Not exactly a light, after dinner snack.

There were rumors of animals being able to talk on Christmas Eve as they pronounced their praise for the baby Jesus.

Most of the caroling is done on Christmas Eve.

No matter how you spend your Christmas Eve, those traditions belong to you and your loved ones and are unique to your family.

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