Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Who Has Time for the Blues?

I do! While there may be a slight correlation between being sad and being blue, there is nothing sad about having blue in your jewelry. In fact, blue kisses up to royalty and is a favored color for forward thinking and anything modern. It is calming and trustworthy. That is why so many banks use blue in their logos and marketing material.

Here are some regal ways to add blue to your designs.


This is probably the first stone that you think of when you think of a blue gemstone. It is the ultimate blue stone and is one of the four stones in the world considered precious. It is as hard as a diamond and the birthstone of September.
Blue Sapphire

Blue Opal

In between the most common white opal and the most expensive black opal lies the pretty blue opal. It is a modern October gemstone and filled with fiery color. It is associated with Libra babies.

Blue Opal


This gemstone gets its name from its ocean blues and teals. It is a  March birthstone and associated with Scorpios even though they are not March babies.

In addition to these pretty blues, other blues include kyanite, labradorite, sunstone, lapis lazuli, sodalite and aventurine. Of course, there are many other blue stones that are found in jewelry, but like these stones, anytime that you add blue to your design, you are adding a calming and regal stone.

Here are some things that will not give you the blues. In fact, they will make you quite happy, so buy them all now!

Blue Shamballa bracelet

Andrea Designs 

Blueberries in Basket - Old World Stills Series Poster

Photography & Digital By Colleen Cornelius

Cerulean Blue Faceted Agate Bali Copper OOAK 21 inch Necklace


Sodalite Gemstone Stretch Bracelet, Healing Crystal Jewelry

Victorian Style Treasures 

Passover - Pesach Earrings - Blue Matzah Earrings


Tanzanite Cantaloupe Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Sterling Silver Beads

 Magdalene Jewels 

Labradorite, gemstone wire wrap pendant copper


Little Electric Rock Guitar Earrings With Blue Beads

The Singing Beader 

Blue Sodalite Gemstone Freshwater Pearl Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver

Covergirl Beads 

Southwest Cross Earrings, Pewter Silver Blue Handmade Jewelry Gift

Shadow Dog Designs 

Blue Flower Polymer Clay Beaded Necklace with Swarovski Crystals

Blue Morning Expressions 

As you can see, there are  many ways to be blue!
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